My Review Of Growing Only Dandelions by Joan Hugues

My Review Of

Growing Only Dandelions by Joan Hugues

Growing Only Dandelions is an emotional story teetering on life and death. This story is about abuse, forgiveness, and redemption for Bethany. While this is a vivid story centred around God’s love and the will to fight through ugliness inflicted by others to find peace in oneself. I thought it was interestingly written to show how life events can not only change a person but also shape their self-belief and tendency to self-harm in later life. I also like that the book gives a glimpse into a heavenly realm that makes you question, do the choices we make on earth slow us down to finding true peace in the afterlife? Or even in the present?

The story itself follows Bethany as she anxiously watches over her son and husband playing on the beach in the sea. She can’t get this feeling of doom out of her mind, and so after waking in the hot sun, she notices her husband and son is no longer there. In her panicked mind, she sees a body floating in the water and rushes to save them. However, the waves are strong and pulls her down. Will Bethany see her loving husband and son again? Will she get pulled from the sea alive or has her worldly journey come to an end? Read this book to find out.

My favourite character is Tommy, he starts out as a character that you may not really like his actions, however, throughout the back-story you get to see his true heart and the way he shows kindness to another and later in life is rewarded back for his kindness.

I thought Author Joan did a great job at really showing how one little girl found love through others and found her spiritual journey despite her self-harm and abusive upbringing. Also like how she painted a vivid image of the past, present, and afterlife within Bethany’s portrait of herself, the ugliness she feels, vs the love and joy others see in her.

While the end for me was very unexpected and rather sad. I think if you like reading books about God, the afterlife and a journey from self ugliness to searching for peace then you should give this book a read.


My Review of Vampire Hospital by Angela L Carr

My Review of

Vampire Hospital by Angela L Carr

Vampire Hospital is a gritty, somewhat violent paranormal novel. However, I found the characters intriguing and I liked the contrast between Dr. Collins and Jeff. In some ways, throughout the book, you want to believe one is redeemable, whereas the other does such bad acts against women he never could be in anyone’s mind. However, I think a change in storyline squished that idea for me. Even though I had to keep reading to see how their story ended.

The story itself follows Susie as she suffers a terrible car crash that changed her life forever. However, at the hospital, she meets the charming Dr. Collins who offers to change her life again, but accepting his offer comes at a great price, not only will Susie lose ties with her family, but also she will live many lifetimes in the dark shadows. Will Susie choose a life with Dr. Collins? Or will she accept her fate and stay with those she loves the most? Will either choice be all she’d been led to believe? Read this book to find out.

I liked Susie’s character. I think she had heart and in the throes of death, all she really wanted was to take the hand of her brother and be with him. I also think this beginning makes her life choice surprising and also that she then had to live with her path made her a strong and somewhat scary character.

Jeff was just one of those characters that starts off a bit misguided and end where you can’t help but hate him and his acts against humans. However, I think his actions do throw you off compared to that of other characters and make you question are there really any good souls left?

Author Angela does a great job at surprising readers with many twists and turns in her story, as well as casting some very vivid dark scenes that help you get into the mindset of her characters’ lives. Also, those scenes pose a question of who is the real baddie in this book? Who should one want to be there by the end?

The end was quite surprising, and I thought very fitting for this book. If you like dark, gritty stories with supernatural beings, bloodsuckers and lots of twists and turns, you should give this one a try. At present, the author is offering the eBook for free until March 1st on Amazon.



Growing Only Dandelions by Joan Hugues.

Growing Only Dandelions by Joan Hugues.

“Growing Only Dandelions” is a story of a woman who has a near-death experience that propels her on a spiritual and emotional journey.  This unconventional supernatural manuscript dares the reader to consider the possibility of a present and loving God through a narrative that triggers one’s imagination to question every action and inaction.

Throughout the novel, our protagonist is transported back in time to milestone moments in her life that shaped her own “ugliness”  (i.e., personal, shameful life event).   Growing Only Dandelions highlights the presence of God through strategically placed relationships, purposely left “signs” and guardian angels, all of which are gifted to us through his grace.

The inspiration for my novel was simply prayer.  I did not have an outline or preconceived notion of the contents of my novel.  I just prayed that the next chapter would come to me and every time I sat to write, the story unfolded for me. The characters came alive and their “ugliness” and beauty were revealed to me.  All conjured up through my imagination, inspired by prayer and based on my own personal spiritual relationship with God.

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My Review of Zach’s Cross (How To Live Forever Audiobook) By E.M.G Wixley.

My Review of

 Zach’s Cross (How To Live Forever Audiobook) By E.M.G Wixley.

Zack’s Cross is the fourth book in this enchanting series.  I really love how this story drags you into the magic, horror and demonic goings on from the start. The sound effects are amazing and if you close your eyes and listen you can see every scene play out as if you were a ghost listening in behind a wall. I also love the voice of the creepy doll it sends cold shivers whenever you hear it. I really hope there is going to be a fifth book because the cross series is by far my favourite, I’ve followed this year.

The story itself follows Eve as she come to terms with the many losses in her life by talking to the wise and cat loving Max. However, soon Eve finds herself nursing a man back to health, but between her hope of his recovery and her discovery  of who he is, is there a darkness or a lighter soul bringing him back from the dead? However, will he live? Will Eve’s life be forever change from the sadness she feels? Will those battling between darkness and the light remain honest to themselves or will the demons and witches be too much to handle for any of them?

I found Ruben to be a very interesting character as his life spirals out of control after the death of his son. He struggles to keep a grip and drags those around him down the creepy dark hole of his emotions too. But I also think throughout this book you see many sides of him.

I also loved that Kane one of the keepers of light was having his own troubles throughout this book. He’s one of my favourite characters and can shape-shift, which makes him someone not to mess with. However, he also loves deeply and goes looking for Rose to save her from danger.

Author E.M.G Wixley does a great job  with not only conveying the emotions of her many creepy, mysteries and wonderful characters, but also the world they live in and how damaging and scary that world is when dark forces overtake the light. This book makes you wonder can darkness ever be redeemable? Can light cover all sins?

I also love the blend between demonic and witchcraft and the power of that feeling inside that make one feels doomed like something bad will happen now or in the future. I thought this was beautifully shown through Eves’ dreams the plaque her adding to her sorrow.

I highly recommend this audiobook as well as all the books in the Cross series. They are creepy and enchanting to listen to and the characters will stay in your mind long after you’ve finished listening to this book. So why not turn down the lights, light a candle and step into a world full of creepy and supernatural surprises with this book.



My Review of Looking For Life (Novelette) by E.M.G Wixley.

My Review of

Looking For Life (Novelette) by E.M.G Wixley.

Looking For Life is a rather interesting and gripping novelette. I couldn’t put this book down until I’d finished it. I find the contrast  between worlds interesting: when the earth dies out, what will another world do to stop it happening again? I think this story explores this possibility in a creepy and somewhat chilling way.  I also like seeing the contrast between Georgina and Susan and the different ways they looked at their mission to seek out if there was life left in the earth.

The story itself follow Susan and Georgina as they search earth for any living humans. This was a purely observing mission. Until Georgina discovers someone she can’t leave behind. How will she keep him a secret? Will he be her worlds downfall? Or will her life be enriched for saving one soul?  You must read this book to find out.

I liked Georgina’s character, she wanted to be a mother very badly and she had that nurture vs nature feel to her. I also felt for her putting her own life on the line to help someone else. At the same time, she does make you ask the question is the good of one mean the good for all?

I think Susan is one of those matter of fact characters. She wants to do what right but end up very much with her heart in the wrong place. I thought the author did a great job of showing how different two friends are, but how they both end up in some ways needing to use each other.

I also liked the land of safety and peace hidden in this book. I thought the descriptions were great. But is peace all it’s meant to be once you’re there? Something for readers to discover throughout the book..  I loved that for a short book, the story and character went through so many chilling and spine-tingling moments and the end was very unexpected but satisfying.

E.M.G Wixley has become one of my favourite authors, especially I love her audible Cross series. This novelette is just as amazing as her other stories and I would recommend it to anyone who loves character-driven stories about strange new worlds, evolving creatures, dark secrets and an ending that you just won’t see coming.


My Review Of The Status Debt (Hunted) by Edie Baylis

My Review Of

The Status Debt (Hunted) by Edie Baylis

The Status Debt is a gritty, sexually charged, violent psychological thriller. I found Tori to be a very interesting character. She is forced into a life that is influenced by her mother’s need to be respected by high society. However, Tori is strong under her easily controlled personality and throughout the book I  wanted her to stand up to her to be husband  Matt. I also enjoyed the power balance between Matt, a posh daddy’s lad and Hunter a rough and ready biker member with a heart underneath the distraction caused by him and his crew

The story itself follows Tori as she struggles to accept her life with a controlling future husband and a selfish mother. As her life spirals out of control and the thoughts of who and why her father was murdered race around her mind. Tori is pushed into a world of drugs, lies and abuse. Will Tori get out of her wedding to Matt? Find the truth about her father’s murder?  You’ll have to read this book to find out.

One of my favourite characters was Ash Hunter, although he’s done many terrible things, he wants to change.  Ash Hunter, I think over time turned himself into a remorseful man that was able to show some good in his heart, but still had a dark streak he wished he didn’t. In contrast, Matt was never remorseful about his abusive ways and would take pleasure in Tori’s pain. I think the author does a great job at twisting who is actually “good” in this book and shows that humans especially under the influence of alcohol and drugs have a very warped sense of right and wrong.

I also liked Sarah’s character. She seemed like a person you’d want on your side. I liked how she saw good in Ash Hunter and his mates when others could not. She also seemed like a fixer and wanted to help Tori even when she rejected her help.

This book is a first in a series so it did leave me with unanswered questions towards the end. However, I enjoyed the dark twists and turns throughout this book and that it was very character-driven. Readers get a good overview of each character and can decide  if  they liked or disliked the morals and behaviours of characters. I look forward to reading book two in the future and hopefully get the answers to the questions the book one left in my mind.

I would recommend this book if you enjoy character-driven novels, heart-stopping moments and psychological thrillers that creep under your skin. If this sounds like you then give this book a try.


Link: ebook/dp/B07S8GW885/

My Review Baby It’s Cold Outside by Renee Conoulty

My Review

Baby It’s Cold Outside by Renee Conoulty

Baby It’s Cold Outside is a festive and quirky short story. I really enjoyed listening to this story on Audible in the author’s own voice . The main character Macie is very relatable, and I think she was a strong person ready to find a path within the changes of her life. I also found the Author’s voice nice to listen to.

The story itself is about Macie who works in retail. She has a loving boyfriend who wants a family, kids and a life with her very much in it. However, over Christmas Macie realises her life is not at all what she wanted and she begins to rethink if she is really happy. What will this mean for her love life? Her career? Listen to this book to find out.

I thought Marcie’s partner was a well-defined character. I can understand his need for control over their relationship and his fears of being alone. I also admired Macie’s strength of really reviewing her life and accepting things  might need to change to make her life happier and more fulfilled.

I would recommend this audible book if you like quirky, festive themed story with great characters and a relatable storyline.


My Review Oron Amular by Michael Harvey

My Review

Oron Amular by Michael Harvey

Oron Amular is a very well written and descriptive book. I very much liked the descriptions of the building and secret passages and the forest journey. I also thought this book has so many interesting and well-developed characters with names that are both intriguing and challenging to pronounce, reader will have fun trying as they join the journey I think.

The story follows Curillian as he is sent a scroll that only he can read. The scroll is sent by a magical keeper and invite him on a journey to a tournament that offers power beyond his wildest dreams. But to what cost will this journey be as he ventures into magical forests and meet with elfin’s that hold power of their own? Will Curillian complete his journey and find his true purpose? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

My favourite character was Curillian and his wife because I could picture their relationship and their drive to run their kingdom. I also loved the thought of magical creatures like wood elf’s and could imagine the history behind their lives.

I thought the author did a great job at putting a character list at the back of the book so that you can go and read their names again and what part they play in the world as this book is far more than I think my review can describe in terms of world building and story arc. But well worth reading.

If you love books that are full of magic, mystery, fantasy and great characters to journey with, you’ll  enjoy this story.


My Review of The Militia Man’s Lady by Alexie Bolton

My Review of

The Militia Man’s Lady by Alexie Bolton

The Militia Man’s Lady is one of a few books I read in December. I was excited to finish this story. I have to say this book brought me through many emotions, and I thought Helena was a great character. A strong woman with so much on her shoulders. I liked Denman too, you could tell from the beginning that he was a good man with many scars for his troubles. It was clear that when two strong people cross paths there is going to be challenges between them.

The story itself follows Helena as her carriage get raided by bandits on her way home. Denman come to rescue her and helps her get back to her farm. He later finds out her drunk brother is trying to get his sister married to some unpleasant men. But fate has other ideas and after her brother returns, he’s later found murdered on the farm. Now who murdered him is the question that is on everyone’s lips. Was it Denman as he tried to protect a woman he just met but admire? Or one of her loyal workers finally snapped seeing their mistress being treated so badly? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

My favourite character was Helena because at heart she values others. She wants to help everyone around her, even if her life has been plunged into ill-repute in others’ eyes. I also thought the author did a great job at showing how strong and untrusting she had become and her challenges to open or even accept help from others because of past experiences in her life

I also liked Denman, he was at a crossroad in life and let himself get swept up in Helena’s life and troubles. I thought the contrast between his family and hers was also very telling to how they both viewed people and the world differently.

The author also has you at the edge of your seat towards the end wondering just what will become of Helena and Denman when her brother’s debts come calling. There are some dark and unanticipated twists and turns in this novel, that build the tension very well for the reader.

If you love gritty novels with historical feels, great characters and scenes that will both touch and break your heart then this book is for you..

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Happy New Year Everyone…

Happy New Year Everyone

Well what a year it has been, I got engaged, created some lovely memories with my mum and my boyfriend’s family and really felt the glow of my caring friends. Also felt the fun of two very bright and happy cats running around entertaining me with their cute ways. I think those you love and care for are what make Christmas and all year round so very meaningful and special.

Christmas eve with mum was really lovely, we did face masks, put on matching unicorn slippers and drank reindeer hot Chocolate by the light of the Christmas tree. We both had a lot of fun and created many fun new memories to last the year ahead. Also, the boyfriend and I drank hot chocolate, had a nice Christmas eve tea together, dressed the cats in their fun outfits he sent them and watched a movie together.

My friends also made Christmas special by their thoughtfulness and the lovely time we had catching up over the festive season. You are all beautiful and cared about friends that I feel blessed to have in my life and I do hope the new year brings you all lots of happiness and joy.

Christmas day was lovely too, spent time with mum and had a nice Quorn dinner together and pulled some fun crackers, had an igloo ice-cream cake for afters where you have to pour glitter on it before eating. Looked very festive and tasted too yummy . We exchanged gifts and watched Smokey and Holly go completely insane for their presents. They love treats and toys and Christmas very much… and the boyfriend and I also spent special time together, watching movies and reading our lovely festive emails we write to each other and eating party food.

On 27th it was five years since my lovely boyfriend asked me out. We celebrated our love that day, read the stories and letters we’d wrote for each other and exchanged the little special presents we got for each other, had pizza for tea and watched a nice romantic movie and just had a beautiful time remembering all that makes our relationship special.

Now we look towards the new year and all that 2020 could bring. My new year will start with catching up on the books I started and didn’t get to finish in December because of some family things that came up. So, you’ll all have a few reviews to read on here in January. Also, I have a lot of creative projects to start and  my boyfriend coming over next year too. What are your plans for the new year?

Also, I plan keep up with my lovely friends and family and try to have a less stressful year overall. But mostly I want to invite more happy memories into my life and leave those negative ones behind. So that should be my new year resolution, more good memories and creative days and less stress. What is your new year resolution ?

My wishes to you all, may books, family and happiness be a huge part of your 2020 and wishing you all a healthy and beautiful new year!!


Katrina x