My Review of Her Previous Self

by Anne Allen

This book is very hard to put down and has an emotional grip on its readers. Lucy is heartbroken as she returns to Guernsey to take care of her Grandfather for her parents which deep down she didn’t really want to do. However, I think Lucy finds comfort and understand while spending time caring for him. I found this very touching and really well written.

The story itself follows Lucy as she takes care of her grandfather and battle with her own grieve. However, she also discoverers Mary a woman who had lived in the house many years ago. Will Lucy connect with Mary’s spirit and discover why she’s shown herself? Will Lucy find comfort again after her tragedy? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

I loved the time slip feel to this story, I could imagine two women, sharing pain, and grief at different times. The restlessness and the wonder to find the answers to Mary’s past.

I also enjoyed the connection between Lucy and her grandfather. He’s one of my favorite characters and very easy to imagine.

Anne Allen does an amazing job at creating mystery, emotion, and a story that you’ll need to read until the end.

If you like stories that have mystery, heartache, and characters that are both strong and emotional. You’ll love this book.

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