My Wedding Day

My Wedding Day

Hello everyone,

I have not blogged for a little while mainly because it has been a few busy months or so. But I have some magical news to share!! On 2nd June 2021, I finally got married to my very own prince. It was a crazy romantic few days, my mum and cousin came down for the wedding and we stayed in The Village Hotel for the night. We had a lot of adventure: we did face masks, had long chats and had dinner and drinks. The funny thing was the hotel was meant to put Kshitij (my fiancé) on a different floor to me, so our paths don’t cross each other before the wedding, but his room ended up next to mine. He could hear my hairdryer at funny!!. But we did not see each other before wedding…

I was up at 6am on 2nd June, woke up mum and my cousin Danielle and we all had breakfast and coffee. I went back to my room to straighten my hair and then Danielle did my makeup— she’s amazing at makeup and by the time she had finished I looked like a princess. Soon after Mum went to visit Kshitij and gave him the lovely champagne glasses I wanted him to take to the venue as he was leaving before me. Then I put on my princess dress wedding dress that took me 30 minutes to get the ties done up just right. In between my friend Donna showed up as I gave her the responsibility to film the wedding for me. Once the dress was on, veil on jut right, I pinned the purple flowers on mum, Donna and Danielle. They all looked so beautiful, three strong and wonderful women.

Donna left to meet Kshitij, David and uncle Keith at the venue. I checked in with my mother and father in law and my brother in law’s wife Geet.  Three of the most happy lovely people I’ll ever know and their smiles and blessing made me happy before calling the Uber taxi.

Well who knew taxi was so late at turning up. There was Mum Danielle and I waiting in the heat all dressed up for our ride. 12pm came around and went and this princess was late for her wedding (I know bride is always late!!) But it was a panic. When the Taxi did arrive, I think my stress level had hit 100 and my mum must have thought I had gone crazy.  

As we finally arrived at the venue, Donna took my phone at the door, Danielle went and found her seat. I was offered cold water to get a hold of my nerves to calm myself down while the wedding planner sorted my dress, and the registrar went over what was going to happen when I met Kshitij down the aisle.

The big wooden doors were closed to the wedding hall as mum took my arm and then after one more deep breath the music started (This is it by Scott McCreery) and I saw Kshitij in his handsome blue suit smiling and waiting for me to reach him. I thought he looked stunning and was so happy that the wedding was livestreamed on zoom and I could see my friends and family there with us….

Mum sat down after we reached Kshitij. Kshitij and I held hands, me mouthing sorry I was late as the registrar began and we took turns saying our vows and slid our wedding rings on each other fingers. Then we were pronounced MR and MRS Bhoumik and we sealed our wedding with a kiss. After signing our marriage certificate, we held hands and walked back down the aisle together, everyone threw confetti over us which went everywhere but looked beautiful.

We stood together with a glass of wine in hand feeling so blessed to have each other. We then returned to zoom to talk to our family and friends. I felt so loved to see Kendra, Anne, Jane, Val, Vittoria and Alka and Gautam, Geet, Vardhan and Aunties, grandmother so many other there smiling and blessing us. You all made my heart sing and I’m so blessed to have such beautiful family and friends there sharing one of the biggest days of my life with me. I can’t express enough how happy you all made me feel!!

After our zoom guest left to enjoy wine, cake and smiles, we went upstairs together and had our meal and a few drinks and photographs. Kshitij and I had written speeches for each other that we read out which made my mum and Danielle cry. We took to the floor and had our first dance as a married couple to the song Champagne Promise. This may not seem like a wedding song, but every year we used to meet up we’d end up dancing to that song so to us that’s our song.

Cake was cut for guests to take home and we went outside for some photos to be taken together before the few guests that were able to come in person returned home.

We also returned to the hotel and opened the many beautiful cards and wedding presents from family and friend. All were beautiful and special, and the thought meant a lot to me, along with all the beautiful wishes online that we will treasure them all…

It honestly was the most magical day and one I will never forget. I do feel very blessed for my husband, family, and friends. We also hope to do a blessing and reception next summer so those who couldn’t make it in person and those that did can come together and we can complete our wedding and photo album.

I hope you are all well and finding magical moments in life.


15 thoughts on “My Wedding Day

  1. It was a wonderful occasion, you both looked ACE. I am honoured to have been invited to watch and take part via Zoom, my first wedding in yonks, and yonks. I enjoyed it all, and thanks for asking me and for sharing your wedding day with me. I wish you both endless happiness together and joy and a long and healthy life with each other. I have just celebrated 53 years with my husband – 4 before we married. It takes patience, understanding, a sense of humour, and ability to compromise, to share interests, and to see another’s point of view, but, above all it takes friendship and love…in my humble opinion. I wish you all this and more. Congratulations. You look made for each other. Jane xx

  2. Aw gawd, I’ve got blubby again, and should be saying something sensible as Jane did. 😀 I know brides are traditionally late, Katie but you must have been pulling your hair out when the taxi didn’t turn up. At least it gave us time to smile at your other guests in all parts of the world, and when you and Kshitij saw each other and took your vows, you outshone the sun.
    Many, many congratulations Mr and Mrs B, and thank you so much for letting me share your wonderful day. xx

    • Hi Val,

      Awww! Thank you, I’m so glad you attended on zoom and had time to smile at the other guests. Honestly, I was very stressed when the taxi was late. But I;’ glad it didn’t show too much when I saw Kshitij. It sure was a magical day and was made so special having you all there with me. I hope you are well. xxxx

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