My Review Of

Dolores’ Choice by Patricia Asedegbega

My Review Of Dolores’ Choice by Patricia Asedegbega

Dolores’ Choice follows a young Dolores as she’s growing up and learning about the world and boys. She’s quite rebellious in nature and doesn’t really want to follow the path her parent thinks she should. But she also cares a lot about her parents and this does shine through in this story. I also found parts of this story very well written with emotional themes such as when Dolores’ friend talks about losing her child and her experience at an abortion clinic. Also, I thought this story talked a lot about how one choice can lead a life in a way you really don’t want and you really feel the tug between Dolores’ wanting to go home, having good parents vs those who truly are stuck in a world without much support.

The story itself follows Dolores as she goes off to meet a man who has captured her affections. She lies to her family that she’s off with friends, little did her parents know she would not be returning home. Will Dolores’ run off with this man? Or is he too good to be true? Will she ever make it home again? You must read this book to find out.

I did find this book was well written and dealt with some very sensitive themes very clearly. The author also does a great job at showing what Dolores’ goes through vs what her family are going through and all their thoughts and feeling very much envelopes you into the story.

If you like books with great characters, A journey with an end and some emotional themes throughout. You will enjoy this book.


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