My Review of

Alderslay by Val Portelli

My Review of

Alderslay by Val Portelli

Alderslay is a story full of everything, a mysterious rundown Mansion, bodies under the floorboards, and over welcoming neighbors. Woof the dog was my favorite character I could just imagine the cute dog watching over Gina after she rescued him. I also felt for Gina having a partner who was always away, never really there to help her with the new house. Steve also was an interesting character that throughout the book I wasn’t sure I trusted him or not, but he did have an effect on Gina.

The story itself follows Gina as she’s looking for a new adventure, a new home. After looking at other places she finds herself faced with an old Mansion that feels in the middle of nowhere, yet the town is not far away. Gina feels this is her new adventure. However, is the house all it seems? Will there be a dark history of bodies looming under the floorboards waiting to jump out? Will Woof keep Gina safe with his doggie senses? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

I liked the contrast between how Paul and Steve made Gina feel. Paul made her feel he was just doing what she wanted for a quiet life. Not really fully in the venture with her. However, with Steve, she could bounce off ideas, disagree, and still feel like they were on the same page. I think this comes through very well in this book.

I also like the descriptions of the house and land. I think the author does a great job at making you picture what living in the house was like, the ground, the house, the creepy noises, or the chilly feeling from the basement.

To me, this book goes between creepy and romantic and a bit cute when it comes to Woof. The end was very enjoyable and came full circle.  

If you like books that are full of mystery, fun and interesting characters, and a chill feeling sometimes. You’ll love this book.


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