Available now in both paperback and eBook format.

Genre: Psychological mystery.

Blurb: An old house. A new start. Ancient secrets.

When Gina stumbles across the remote, dilapidated mansion she’s convinced it will make the perfect home for when she and her fiancé Paul settle down together. At first he supports the venture, but his frequent absences are a cause for concern, especially when the renovations reveal skeletons from the past. Is local man Steve a prospective business partner or looking for something more? Why are the normally reticent villagers prepared to accept her as one of their own? As more uncanny coincidences link Gina to the gruesome history of the house, she must decide where her future lies, and if she is prepared to pay the final price.

Background: This story was first inspired several years ago after reading a local newspaper article about an area I knew well from my archery days. On one of our tours we visited a vineyard in Kent, and obviously the book had to have a dog, who was named after one of my father’s childhood pets.

Originally entitled ‘Murder of Changes’ as a follow-up to my first book ‘Changes’ which was a romance, it has been exciting to try a different genre. Umpteen revisions, a brand new cover (version number eight million and six), and a new title following feedback by beta readers, it has finally been published. Like my short stories, it contains my usual quirky twist but no peeking at the ending until you’ve read the rest of the book!

I’m always grateful for feedback from readers, especially those who take the time to leave a review. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

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