My Review of House Of Grace by Patricia M Osborne

My Review of House Of Grace by Patricia M Osborne

House of Grace is an emotional coming of age story. I really like Katy and Grace in this book. Grace is much more of a simple soul, she’s learning who she wants to be and what her talents are. Whereas Katy is very much a wild child, feels like she knows where she wants life to go and how to get it. I felt they complimented each other as friends. I also liked how even though they both come from money and class that the two families couldn’t be more different in the way they looked after each other. Katy’s parents were much more loving, let her go off by herself, and dealing with whatever happened when it happened kinda people. Whereas Grace never really seem to know her parents and related more to nanny’s and staff who helped bring her up.

The story itself follows Grace and Katy as they leave school and fall into the world of boys and freedom. Grace find Jack and Katy Eddy and slowly they both become enthralled in love. But Grace is already destined to Marry a man of her father’s choosing and Jack is no more than a miner. Will Katy and Grace come up with a plan to keep Grace free to be with Jack? Or will Grace end the year married to someone her father chooses? You must read this book to find out.

I liked Jack’s character too, he seemed a kind at heart person and a hard worker wanting to make his father proud by going down the mines and living as his family always had. I thought some of the moments he spent with Grace were touching and you could tell he had a respectful way about him compared to Eddy.

I also felt that the author did a great job at showing how Grace had dreams that were more than being a house wife, but still she could do both if she wanted.

I did have tears in my eyes towards the end of this book, many parts of Grace’s life and Katy were very sad and you could very much feel Grace’s pain throughout. But also her strength in how she picked herself up and showed resilience.

I also really liked uncle Max, he was a very balanced man and stood by his wife in a very hard time. But still, he could see that where his wife blamed and ran, he needed to be home and not hold blame where there was none.

I highly recommend this book if you enjoy coming of age stories with interesting characters and emotional family moments.

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