My Review of Don’t Go Back By Anna Shenton

My Review of

Don’t Go Back By Anna Shenton

Don’t Go Back is the perfect follow on from 76 Silver Street. While both books can be read alone, there is something delightful about getting to know these characters from the start of 76 Silver Street and seeing where their story goes in the new book. It’s amazing how a gripping story ends so fast. I sat down yesterday evening after getting all my housework done and by 2am had finished this book. I really loved seeing the characters again, Rosa, Ollie, Jack- they are all unique in their own ways.. I also found the end surprising and rather emotional.

The story itself follows Dan and Molly as they come up with a plan to bring Rosa back home and out of Jack’s arms. Molly is desperate to see Rosa and tell her how they are family and so she sets off to Rosa’s boarding house under the rouse that she’s writing a book on places to stay. But not before long she finds that all is not well.. Will Molly bring Rosa back to Dan? Or Rosa choose to stay with Jack? Will all be well at the boarding house once more? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

I found Dan such a slimy character, on the one hand he loves Rosa, but on the other he treated her so badly with sexually charged games among his friends and although throughout the book the author does a great job at making you want to sympathise with his loses and his love, for me I just didn’t like him as a person.

Jack on the other hand, I felt, he was matured from the last book and had become the man he should have been. He might have had no money and liked a little drink sometimes, but his heart shown through and I really felt for him more.

Also, one of my favourite characters was Stella, she’s very loyal to Jack and cares about Rosa in many ways. But she also doesn’t like dishonesty and therefore makes some rash choices.

I also thought the end was surprising and didn’t see it coming at all. Always thought the story was going a certain way, but nope it does surprise and end the opposite with an emotional and nail biting twist.

Overall, I recommend this book especially if you have read 76 Silver Street, but also if you like interesting and well round characters and the story that you’ll finish quickly because it’s so hard to put down.

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