My Review of

Doctor Who Adventures in Lockdown.

My boyfriend brought me “Doctor Who Adventures in Lockdown” on the rare trip inside a bookstore at the end of last year. I really enjoyed this book especially some of the images and stories that related to the TV series that I could relate to. Also, this book has a great poem inside, and Rory’s story is really good too. I think this book is not just full of nice little stories but makes you feel hopeful that somewhere out there people of old and new generations have fought great monsters, accepted sadness, and felt alone, but eventually discovered they are never alone.

The stories themselves are about the adventures of Doctor Who goes on several journeys where he/she influence people’s lives. . One story called The Terror of the Umpty Ums follows the Karpagnon as he wakes up and plans his escape from the people around him. Is Karpagnon who he says he is? Will the doctor help him discover the truth? In another story, The Secret of Novice Hame will Novice Hame impart her final words to the doctor? Will the doctor hear them before it’s too late? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

I also liked Rory’s story. He was one of my favourite character in the series and it’s nice to see a bit of his story featured in this book.

I think over all this book brings a quiet comfort with most of the stories reminding us we are not alone and that there had been battles before us all and yes people need to hit a few deactivated Dalek, let out some pain, but  they hoped for a better beginning tomorrow.

I would recommend this book if you like Doctor who and like to read short chapters that can be put down and picked up again. Also, some of the money from this book goes to children in need too.

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