My Christmas and New Year-round up

My Christmas and New Year-round up

Welcome to 2021 all, I believe everyone saw 2020 out with a hope that 2021 being comparatively a less painful year. I saw 2020 out with my boyfriend and my mum on video chat. We found moments to laugh and to reflect. Smokey and Holly found places to hide from  the loud fireworks.

Normally I would be asking what resolutions are you all making? But this year I don’t think I’m going to make any, instead try to improve on the things I’m doing already and try new things. Like write more, do more arty projects and read more. I also might try YouTube this year and do craft along with me videos or even read from some of my books. Also just be more thankful for the wonderful friends in my life and all the family I have and have gained since meeting my partner.

Looking back at 2020 there has been so many painful moments, my granddad dying, my family getting Covid just before they could celebrate Christmas (still hoping they all recover) and my wedding having to be moved date after picking the most beautiful dress. But there have also been really amazing moments like celebrating the boyfriend’s birthday and Diwali with him, seeing snow together, feeling proud that Holly and Smokey settled into their new home and are enjoying life. Our first Christmas in the same place and friends that everyday are so supportive.

Also, in 2021 I can’t wait to read more amazing books and invite more authors on my blog to share with us all the beautiful stories they have  created. I think 2021 is going to be a year we all will need to be more self creative, but not feel alone because we are truly not, and soon enough the crazy world will hopefully turn less crazy.

Also, nature seems to be out more these days. I enjoyed seeing squirrels, birds and foxes jumping around our garden. I love watching squirrels on a walk or the little foxes that come play in our garden around midnight, It reminds me that life has its beauty even in the bleaker times…

So, stay safe, try new and exciting things where you can and remember nothing has to be perfect as long as you are smiling and learning!!

Happy new year!

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