My  Review of

The Montefiore Bride By Patricia M Osborne

My  Review of

The Montefiore Bride By Patricia M Osborne

The Montefiore Bride is a beautifully written little story with lots of descriptions of the flowers and the park that the special couple travelled around. Also, the feeling of excitement of the onlookers waiting really bounced off the pages of this book. I really enjoyed  little poems bring out some of the emotions and imagination of the characters. I also thought it was lovely this book goes towards supporting a homeless charity.

The story itself takes you back in Victorian West Sussex in 1888, people wait outside the station for the special couple to emerge and take their place around the park. Who will see the couple, even be greeted by them?  What was it like being centre of attention of the onlookers? Read this little book to find out.

My favourite characters were Mr Burr and his wife as they remembered the first time they waited at the station and you could still feel their excitement this time round. I could imagine them very well in my mind.

I also thought the author did a great job at painting an image of just how beautiful West Sussex park was and how inspired the people felt.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it if you like a quick read with interesting characters that take you back to a whole different time.

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