This Is Lockdown by M J Mallon

This Is Lockdown by M J Mallon

Prior to COVID19, I had zero plans to compile an anthology. That all changed with the pandemic. Luckily, I’d gained some invaluable insights into anthologies by being a contributing author to Claire Plaisted’s Ghostly Rites and Dan Alatorre’s horror anthologies.

The routine of writing, compiling and editing This Is Lockdown helped me to cope with the anxieties brought on by the coronavirus. I was off work and on furlough, fearful and unsure what would happen next. But I didn’t feel so alone. My heart didn’t feel so heavy, and my mind so bleak. I had the support and friendship of my wonderful community of writers and creatives.

Compiling This Is Lockdown was a godsend.

This Is Lockdown begins with my personal family diaries and photographs, and candidly shares my hopes, fears, and frustrations.

There are contributions from a wide range of authors and creatives, discussions about isolation during this time, and some wonderful poetry, plus anecdotes and inspiring fund-raising stories. Many old writing friends and authors who I hadn’t ‘met’ before contributed to the anthology. This deepened my current connections and enabled me to discover new authors, many of whom I have since had the pleasure of reading.

I am an author who also loves to read and review!

Living through the strange reality of COVID19 affected my original plans to finish the final edits on the second book in my YA Fantasy series The Curse of Time, but this will be back on my writing agenda soon.


This anthology and compilation is for everyone wherever you live in the world. We are all experiencing the impact of COVID19 and lockdown. As writers, bloggers and creatives we express our thoughts and opinions in writing: in heartfelt poetry, pieces on isolation and the impact of COVID19 and the ‘new normal.’ There are twenty-eight talented contributors, including the creative NHS Mask Making Fundraising Team of Jane Horwood and Melissa Santiago Val. The contributors come from as far afield as Australia, Canada, USA and Zimbabwe, or closer to my current home in England – in Ireland, Scotland and Italy.

It is as Willow Willers, a contributor, said, ‘A piece of living history.’

We share this extraordinary, unexpected time period and perhaps future generations will read all about it one day.

This anthology and compilation of diaries, short stories, poetry and flash fiction tells the story of these extraordinary times. This Is Lockdown shares many perspectives, including a writer’s perspective highlighting the day-to-day life and struggles during such an uncertain and frightening time. It also gives a glimpse into the blogging, writing world. The book showcases several authors and their thoughts on what it is like to experience ‘isolation’ as a writer. I discuss the handling of the pandemic and my opinion about what might happen next. In the concluding part of the book I share my latest short story: a YA romance set post lockdown along with poetry, and flash fiction inspired by the pandemic.

Goodreads Quotes:

“When people look back on the events of 2020, books like this will assume a great importance. They will remind us of all the little things that we took for granted and were suddenly gone.”

“MJ Mallon begins this heartening book with a stunning foreword to mark the times that are sure to become part of a testament of our times in history on the 2020 global pandemic Covid19 that has rocked our collective world.”

“I was fortunate to have an opportunity to read an early copy of this book and was delighted to see the author putting this collection out into the world. A highly recommended read that I imagine readers of the future looking to”’

“It’s a privilege to be a small part of this book as one of the ‘isolation writers.’ It feels like contributing to a little piece of history for the future. Fascinating to read all the thoughts and musings and feel that none of us were ever really alone.”


ALSO By M J Mallon

YA Fantasy: The Curse of Time Book1 Bloodstone

A magical YA/paranormal fantasy with crystal magic-wielding and dark elements.

Fifteen-year-old Amelina Scott lives in Cambridge with her dysfunctional family, a mysterious black cat, and an unusual girl Esme who’s imprisoned within the mirrors located in her house. When an unexpected message arrives inviting Amelina to visit the Crystal Cottage, she sets off on a forbidden pathway where she encounters Ryder, a charismatic, but perplexing stranger. With the help of a magical paint set, and some crystal wizard stones she discovers the truth about a shocking curse that has destroyed her family’s happiness.

Amazon Author Page:


Author Bio

My favourite genres to write are: YA fantasy, magical realism, horror and various forms of poetry. I blog about books, writing, photography and inspiration at:


Richard Dee, (Sci Fi , Steampunk, Amateur Detective author,) Catherine Fearns, (Amazon Bestselling Author of Police Procedural/Mysteries and Music Journalist,) Lynn Fraser, (Author,) Jackie Carreira, (Writer, musician, designer and aspiring philosopher,) Willow Willers, (Poet and writer,) Sharon Marchisello, (Murder Mystery, Financial non-fiction,) Fi Phillips , (Author, Copy Writer) Jeannie Wycherley, (dark stories, suspense, horror,) Chantelle Atkins, (urban fiction, teen/YA,) Tracie Barton-Barrett, (Speaker/author,) Peter Taylor- Gooby, (Crime, Love Stories, Political Fiction,) Ritu Bhathal, (Chick Lit romance, poet,) Alice May , (Author, Artist and Speaker,) Miriam Owen, (Blogger and Doctoral Researcher,) Drew Neary and Ceri Williams (Ghost Horror, Supernatural,) Katherine Mezzacappa, (author name: Katie Hutton,) (Historical Fiction/Romance,) Sally Cronin, (huge supporter of indie community/blogger/author) Debby Gies (D G Kaye), (Memoirist/NonFiction,) Adele Marie Park, (Fantasy, horror, urban fantasy,) Marian Wood, (blogger, poet and writer.) Samantha Murdoch, (Writer, Blogger,) Beaton Mabaso (Blogger, African Storyteller,) Frank Prem  (Poet, Author,) Anne Goodwin (Author, Book Blogger) Sherri Matthews (Writer, Photographer, Blogger,) and Jane Horwood and Melissa Santiago-Val – Community Masks 4 NHS

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One thought on “This Is Lockdown by M J Mallon

  1. It must have been such a stress-reliever to be able to write down and share your thoughts of life during the pandemic. A great book, indeed, for later generations who will wonder about 2020 when they read about it in the history books.

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