Moving, Catching Up And All  That Life Stuff

Moving, Catching Up And All  That Life Stuff

Evening all! Well, it has been a while since I wrote a post or even had a guest or two on this blog. Mainly because everything has been packed in boxes and it has been an emotional few months for me. My boyfriend finally got his visa and was able to fly to the UK amidst all the worries about this pandemic… But he is fine and completed his quarantine in the house we rented..

I meanwhile wrestled with the emotions of moving out of mum’s home and all the changes which had already been overwhelming for me. I knew moving would be both hard and adventurous, but packing and leaving took a lot of emotional energy for me.  Soon enough my many boxes were delivered to the new house and I was on my way to Leeds with Smokey and Holly, my two cats.

Now we’ve been a good few weeks here in Leeds, Smokey is settling better and drinking, eating, and playing in the evening. He still hides under the covers of our bed when anyone knocks at the door or walk too loud up the stairs, but even he takes time to get used to change. Holly however has become the boyfriend’s cat, she loves to follow him, play with him and snooze with him. She seems pretty happy and content..

I’ve now finished unpacking my things and found my laptop and kindle to start reading and writing again. I’ll soon be back to enjoying a good story and writing more. But while in the process of moving, I did enjoy Patricia Asedegbega audio series At Arm’s Length. I will put the link below for anyone who wants to binge-listen.

Also since being at Leeds, I’ve enjoyed writing letters to my mum and reading hers and chatting with family on WhatsApp. Also, I reunited with my Great uncle Keith and as he lives not too far from me he came for a day which was so nice just to see him well and spend time with him. It felt like old times and he’s great at knitting and made me some beautiful tree Christmas baubles that I will treasure.

I’ve found I’m good at putting together flat packs even without the right screwdrivers and have now got my art/ writing table put together and the boyfriend’s office desk also done so we both can get on with being our creative selves.

Even through Covid has made this year very different and overwhelming and a new kind of life to get used to, I think we all should be proud of how we have tried to adjust. I really hope you all are staying safe, adjusting, and living the days the best you can.


At Arm’s Length by Patricia Asedegbega

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