Lockdown, Life, and Hobbies.

Lockdown, Life, and Hobbies.

It has been a very strange and heartbreaking time in our lives with Covid-19 spreading in the world and changing the course of our lives. I never thought I’d see this day and especially not now when my boyfriend and I were about to start our lives together. But now life feels in limbo, scary, and full of anxiety. Not only because we don’t know what the future hold, but I’ve found those around me have made these trouble times so much harder by doing what they want and not what they should at time which puts them and those around them in danger. It makes me very sad how all this has affected the world and human relationships. But also, it makes me proud of all of you who are following the rules, staying safe, and caring for your loved ones.

Lockdown has left me struggling to see the light in the future I had been stepping towards… It doesn’t mean the lights not there and I never stop having hope for life to somehow get us back on a good path we were on. But most days it’s not easy to get up and do things, However, while trying to battle these feelings I have started some new hobbies and tried to keep up with some of the ones I enjoy.

Firstly a  new hobby DIY Miniature Dollhouse kits. Honestly, they are very addictive and I wanted to do more after I first did a tin version during Christmas. I found the craft to be both fiddly but relaxing and nice to do in stages where on days when you just can’t focus on anything big doing a small part of the project soon adds up and I finished with lights and music my woodland dome a week or so ago. It did look pretty and now I’ve started a new miniature project. The nice thing about these is that the instruction in English and you can tweak parts to make them the way you want while following the guide.  If you are looking for a nice project to slowly complete this might be one to try.

Secondly, Diary writing: This s not a new hobby but with the lockdown and so much reflection and perspective about what’s going on in the world, I’m writing it frequently. Keeping a diary really does help put some of those emotions in one place and later might even help bring out emotions in future novels. But for me, diary writing has always helped my mind work through things and come to a place where things feel clearer,  or putting an end to relationships that just leave me drained, or writing to remember the fact my boyfriend is great a Ludo and racings. Overall writing has a positive effect on my emotional health. So, if you have lots of bottled up thoughts and emotions during this time, writing them down might help things feel clearer for the future.

Thirdly Reading is one of the best pass times and even when you feel like you’re on the go slow. Just a few pages of a book can move your mind forwards and take you somewhere new and exciting even just for a few moments…

Fourthly Meditation my boyfriend and I started doing meditation together over skype every day. It’s one of those times you have to work very hard to keep your mind quiet and your thoughts from wandering. I think for me that is a work in progress as my mind always wanders moves and stresses. But doing meditation does create a sense of inner calm I’ve found.

I’m sure all of you have your own ways of coping with the lockdown, spending moments with loved ones you live with, and looking to the future and what is best for your health and well being. I think the lockdown has done that for me, it’s helped me see what is and isn’t good for my emotional health and well being and in many ways how things have to change in the future to make life better. Especially letting go of those toxic and unpleasant relationships that the lockdown has helped me reflect on and made me realize just how unhappy being around that kinda energy has made me at times. But also, I feel very blessed to have friends, my boyfriend and cats, and some family who love and care for me as much as I do them.

What hobbies have you all been doing in the lockdown? I hope you’ve all kept well, stayed safe, and kept in contact with those you care about and who cares equally about you in the best ways.

Lastly thank you to all key workers who have put their lives on the line to try and keep us safe medically, and connected with food, mail, and needs must travel… You all have done a great job around the world and we will not forget your bravery, care, and compassion.

Stay safe, stay home, and Spread the love.


8 thoughts on “Lockdown, Life, and Hobbies.

  1. Omg I’ve been doing everything you have, except for the dollhouses, and yes, there isn’t any better time than now to explore these exact things. I mean I used to do them daily, but now all that’s been kicked in overdrive, thanks to the pandemic. Great post!

  2. Yes isn’t it just. I’ve compiled an anthology about this time I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it. It is called This Is Lockdown and releases today. I agree, this time is so scary and full of worries. Stay safe and well.

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