My Review Of Secrets and Shadows Of The Missing: Living Dreams 3 by E.MG Wixley

My Review Of

Secrets and Shadows Of The Missing: Living Dreams 3 by E.MG Wixley, 

Secrets and Shadows Of The Missing: Living Dreams 3 has heart wrenching, gripping and heart-warming moments all rolled into one story. I could feel the nightmare of Eleanor’s parents and friends throughout this book, but also the closeness of those trying to help. I also loved the supernatural and powerful feel to this book, as well as the twist and turns within each character and the changes in their lives.

The story itself follows Eleanor, Leo, and William as they play in the grounds of their school. However, Eleanor misses her parents and goes off by herself leaving her friends behind. Little did they all know that it would be the last day they would see Eleanor. Now everyone looks for her, dreams about what could have happened. But the big question is who took Eleanor? And will she be found in time? Read this book to find out.

My favourite characters were Leo and William, being siblings they had this powerful mental connection, I thought their dreams to find their friend and how they linked to the supernatural world was really gripping.

I also thought Sophie was a great character with a warm heart and in some ways,  a saving grace throughout the story,

I thought E.M.G Wixley, did an amazing job of telling a story that not only was packed with so many emotions but expressed just how a missing child can affect everyone differently and families as a whole.

If you like stories with supernatural themes, amazing characters and a storyline that will keep you engaged until you know the end give this book a try.



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