My Review Of  Robberty Bobberty And Friends By Rachel Coverdale, Illustrated by Shelly Oyston.

My Review Of  Robberty Bobberty And Friends By Rachel Coverdale,

Illustrated by Shelly Oyston.

Robberty Bobberty and Friends is a beautifully illustrated and told story for children aged 4-8. Even I quite enjoyed reading this book in the sense it reminded me of all the great books that brought reading alive for me. If I were a child I think this would be one I’d want to read again and my nieces love these kinds of books as they can easily say some of the rhyming words.

The story itself follows a cute bunny called Robberty Bobberty as his mother shoos him out to play and learn a new skill. But can an energy fulled Robberty Bobberty stop long enough to learn what his friends and the world around him have to teach him? You and your young children should read this book and find out.

I really thought all the little creatures featured in this book were well presented in a fun and beautiful way such as the frog with her babies growing in their eggs and the mouse with her carrot growing from the ground.   Each creature has something to teach us. I think children will really connect with the images as well as the little learning aspect throughout the book.

I also thought the end of the story makes this a perfect bedtime read for adults to read to their children and was rather calming and cute ending.

I would recommend this book if you have children who love rabbits and other cute animals all tied up in a fast-paced exciting adventure.


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