Birthday surprise at 76 Silver Street by Anna Shenton

Birthday surprise at 76 Silver Street

“It’s yer birthday,” Jack begged Rosa to sit at the table in the scullery.

“Me beautiful pregnant wife to be.” His smile spread across his handsome face.

“Bacon, two eggs and… as much toast as yer can manage.” He pushed the plate in front of Rosa.

A faint blush spread over her face as she laughed and pushed the plate back.

“I can’t face it Jack, I feel sick, and you know I hate bacon.”

Jack poured hot steaming tea from the pot.

“A good strong cuppa then?” he cocked his head to onside. “I have fruit cake for yer later,” Jack stirred milk into the mug.

Rosa cupped the hot mug in her hands and sipped.

“It’s nice,” her pretty cherry-brown eyes sparkled with love.

 “This is a first for you,” Rosa couldn’t hold back the titter.  “I know you are being kind and you’ve probably never made a pot of tea in your life,” she took another slurp. “But…”

“Ssh,” Jack strode across the flagstone floor and opened one of the alcove cupboards.

“I’ve been hiding summat from yer.” He reached up to the top shelf and took a box in his hands wrapped in a white tablecloth.

“Go on, it’s for yer,” he watched Rosa’s mouth gape and her eyes widen.

“I have all the presents I need,” she smiled looking deep into his dark charcoal eyes. “You are my present, my first true love and we…” she rubbed her hand over her stomach. “We have our baby to bring into the world. It may not be the best world, but it will have more love than anyone.

“I can’t believe that I’m goin’ to be a pa,” a tear rolled down Jack’s face. “He’ll have the best o’ everything. For once in me life things are goin’ good Rosa, and it’s all down to yer.” He placed the box on the table. “Open it then.”

“He?” Rosa shook her head. “What if it’s a girl?” She took the tablecloth between her fingers and gently unwrapped it away from the box.

Jack’s eyes fixated on Rosa’s dainty, freckled face as she lifted the lid and took out a beautiful golden handled hairbrush and sparkling mirror.

“OH, MY GOODNESS,” Rosa fingered the engraved pattern on each piece, held the mirror in front of her face and brushed the ends of her long auburn hair down onto her shoulders.

“It’s wonderful Jack, thank you.”

Jack planted a kiss on her forehead. “Let’s hope all our dreams come true?”


Anna Shenton Bio

Anna Maria Shenton (1954) –  I was born in Staffordshire, England and experienced an interesting upbringing by my English father, and a German mother. My two elder siblings also helped fuel my imagination deriving from a world of home-truths. My surprise half-brother from Germany arrived when I was twenty-six. Woow!!

I live in Staffordshire with my lovely retired hubby. We love to travel with our touring caravan – Any country goes.

Always loved to write. Kids flown the nest! I ploughed into a home study course with the Writing School of London. Amazing stuff!  Success with Star Letter Pages and Fillers for Women’s’ Commercial Magazines was encouraging.

Venturing forward, my articles were soon published in Hobby publications, Practical Caravan, Caravan Magazine, Modellers World and Writers Forum.

Poems didn’t go a miss either. Growin Owd – my pet poem – won World Book Day prize 2015 with Vind & Vag Publishing House, and, I loved writing short stories for writing group anthologies, where I used to be fund organiser.

Inspiration from life experiences, and reading other authors, helped me write Seduced by Mind Tricks, my debut novel and create short stories.

Want to share my love for writing, with – I wanna be a writer friend. My eBook Writing Spelled Out is devised and rewritten from my articles to help all budding authors. I am currently writing book two of the sleep with one eye open series, A  historical romance novella. 76 Silver Street, now available on Amazon and Don’t Go Back out later this summer.

Writers Authors and Readers online closed group is currently my passion.

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7 thoughts on “Birthday surprise at 76 Silver Street by Anna Shenton

  1. It’s an absolute honour to be on your wonderful blog today Katrina. Helping you celebrate your birthday this way is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much. I hope your viewers enjoy the surprise birthday for Rosa at 76 Silver Street.

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