Happy 1st  book birthday to The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing.

Happy 1st  book birthday to The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing.

It’s been a whole year of The Lost Town of Man’s crossing is out in the world. To celebrate this occasion, I’ve written a snapshot of my character Aidyn’s perfect birthday celebration… I’d like to thank everyone who has read, reviewed and enjoyed The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing this year.

It’s a cold night, the wind blows and I, Aidyn, walk the town naked with my wings fluttering and thoughts of a new world far from here in my mind. I’m a protector you see, a creature that helps those cross to this place and at this moment Suzy is the one I watch over.  Life as a crossing creature means you get to travel, in dreams, between worlds and visit the past. I let myself travel into a dream and creep past Elder Crossing sleeping behind his desk.

I slip into the travel hub and lay down like many humans before and close my eyes. I focus on the crossing Creatures long gone and imagine us all doing our job and celebrating a successful cross over. I hear voices and open my eyes and there they all are in our magic garden, some glowing all colours, some hiding behind clothes like humans. I join them and we sit under the moonlight watch many falling stars and pass around the cake to share.

‘’We stand together, not a creature alone and celebrate our true self. Happy Crossing Creature day.,’ The oldest member said as he stood and waited for us to join hands and dance under the moon with the songs of our kind playing on the wind. I felt loved here like all my efforts had paid off back home where I was the last of my kind.

The music stopped and I knew it was my time to return to the present day, to protect and help others travel. I took one last look at the faces of the past as they faded from sight.

“Ya better thyself up,” Elder Crossing’s disapproving face looked down at me as I opened my eyes. Happy birthday to me I thought as I followed him into the man shop where the hobble-fluff were waking, and old magical items called to me sharing their secrets. As beautiful as it was seeing old faces, celebrating the crossing way, the comfort of knowing I still had work to do reminded me that through all my ages I’m connected to something special.

Happy Birthday, Aidyn.

If you’d like to learn more about The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing, or follow Aidyn as he tries to follow his path and help Suzy here is a link to the book.


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