My Review Of Growing Only Dandelions by Joan Hugues

My Review Of

Growing Only Dandelions by Joan Hugues

Growing Only Dandelions is an emotional story teetering on life and death. This story is about abuse, forgiveness, and redemption for Bethany. While this is a vivid story centred around God’s love and the will to fight through ugliness inflicted by others to find peace in oneself. I thought it was interestingly written to show how life events can not only change a person but also shape their self-belief and tendency to self-harm in later life. I also like that the book gives a glimpse into a heavenly realm that makes you question, do the choices we make on earth slow us down to finding true peace in the afterlife? Or even in the present?

The story itself follows Bethany as she anxiously watches over her son and husband playing on the beach in the sea. She can’t get this feeling of doom out of her mind, and so after waking in the hot sun, she notices her husband and son is no longer there. In her panicked mind, she sees a body floating in the water and rushes to save them. However, the waves are strong and pulls her down. Will Bethany see her loving husband and son again? Will she get pulled from the sea alive or has her worldly journey come to an end? Read this book to find out.

My favourite character is Tommy, he starts out as a character that you may not really like his actions, however, throughout the back-story you get to see his true heart and the way he shows kindness to another and later in life is rewarded back for his kindness.

I thought Author Joan did a great job at really showing how one little girl found love through others and found her spiritual journey despite her self-harm and abusive upbringing. Also like how she painted a vivid image of the past, present, and afterlife within Bethany’s portrait of herself, the ugliness she feels, vs the love and joy others see in her.

While the end for me was very unexpected and rather sad. I think if you like reading books about God, the afterlife and a journey from self ugliness to searching for peace then you should give this book a read.


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