My Review of Vampire Hospital by Angela L Carr

My Review of

Vampire Hospital by Angela L Carr

Vampire Hospital is a gritty, somewhat violent paranormal novel. However, I found the characters intriguing and I liked the contrast between Dr. Collins and Jeff. In some ways, throughout the book, you want to believe one is redeemable, whereas the other does such bad acts against women he never could be in anyone’s mind. However, I think a change in storyline squished that idea for me. Even though I had to keep reading to see how their story ended.

The story itself follows Susie as she suffers a terrible car crash that changed her life forever. However, at the hospital, she meets the charming Dr. Collins who offers to change her life again, but accepting his offer comes at a great price, not only will Susie lose ties with her family, but also she will live many lifetimes in the dark shadows. Will Susie choose a life with Dr. Collins? Or will she accept her fate and stay with those she loves the most? Will either choice be all she’d been led to believe? Read this book to find out.

I liked Susie’s character. I think she had heart and in the throes of death, all she really wanted was to take the hand of her brother and be with him. I also think this beginning makes her life choice surprising and also that she then had to live with her path made her a strong and somewhat scary character.

Jeff was just one of those characters that starts off a bit misguided and end where you can’t help but hate him and his acts against humans. However, I think his actions do throw you off compared to that of other characters and make you question are there really any good souls left?

Author Angela does a great job at surprising readers with many twists and turns in her story, as well as casting some very vivid dark scenes that help you get into the mindset of her characters’ lives. Also, those scenes pose a question of who is the real baddie in this book? Who should one want to be there by the end?

The end was quite surprising, and I thought very fitting for this book. If you like dark, gritty stories with supernatural beings, bloodsuckers and lots of twists and turns, you should give this one a try. At present, the author is offering the eBook for free until March 1st on Amazon.



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