Growing Only Dandelions by Joan Hugues.

Growing Only Dandelions by Joan Hugues.

“Growing Only Dandelions” is a story of a woman who has a near-death experience that propels her on a spiritual and emotional journey.  This unconventional supernatural manuscript dares the reader to consider the possibility of a present and loving God through a narrative that triggers one’s imagination to question every action and inaction.

Throughout the novel, our protagonist is transported back in time to milestone moments in her life that shaped her own “ugliness”  (i.e., personal, shameful life event).   Growing Only Dandelions highlights the presence of God through strategically placed relationships, purposely left “signs” and guardian angels, all of which are gifted to us through his grace.

The inspiration for my novel was simply prayer.  I did not have an outline or preconceived notion of the contents of my novel.  I just prayed that the next chapter would come to me and every time I sat to write, the story unfolded for me. The characters came alive and their “ugliness” and beauty were revealed to me.  All conjured up through my imagination, inspired by prayer and based on my own personal spiritual relationship with God.

Joan Hugues Biography

Joan P. Hugues is a first-time author making her publishing debut with Growing Only Dandelions.  Joannie (name of preference) lives in the United States on Long Island within the state of New York.  She is married to Jay, her High School sweetheart, for over 25 years and shares three children together, Jason, Jake Ryan and Juliet.  Joannie’s children motivate her to achieve her dream of becoming a best-selling author.  She longs to show them that dreams can come true.  Not by talent alone, but through perseverance.

Joannie works as a Paralegal at a law firm and is the founder and President of JT’s Law Foundation Corp., a not-for-profit charitable organization that advocates against child food choking through education.  Additional information about JT’s Law is available at  For pleasure, Joannie immensely enjoys drawing.  The book cover and author photo used for Growing Only Dandelions are pencil artworks created by Joannie based on images of her daughter Juliet. Visit to view a catelog of Joannie’s artwork.

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