My Review of Zach’s Cross (How To Live Forever Audiobook) By E.M.G Wixley.

My Review of

 Zach’s Cross (How To Live Forever Audiobook) By E.M.G Wixley.

Zack’s Cross is the fourth book in this enchanting series.  I really love how this story drags you into the magic, horror and demonic goings on from the start. The sound effects are amazing and if you close your eyes and listen you can see every scene play out as if you were a ghost listening in behind a wall. I also love the voice of the creepy doll it sends cold shivers whenever you hear it. I really hope there is going to be a fifth book because the cross series is by far my favourite, I’ve followed this year.

The story itself follows Eve as she come to terms with the many losses in her life by talking to the wise and cat loving Max. However, soon Eve finds herself nursing a man back to health, but between her hope of his recovery and her discovery  of who he is, is there a darkness or a lighter soul bringing him back from the dead? However, will he live? Will Eve’s life be forever change from the sadness she feels? Will those battling between darkness and the light remain honest to themselves or will the demons and witches be too much to handle for any of them?

I found Ruben to be a very interesting character as his life spirals out of control after the death of his son. He struggles to keep a grip and drags those around him down the creepy dark hole of his emotions too. But I also think throughout this book you see many sides of him.

I also loved that Kane one of the keepers of light was having his own troubles throughout this book. He’s one of my favourite characters and can shape-shift, which makes him someone not to mess with. However, he also loves deeply and goes looking for Rose to save her from danger.

Author E.M.G Wixley does a great job  with not only conveying the emotions of her many creepy, mysteries and wonderful characters, but also the world they live in and how damaging and scary that world is when dark forces overtake the light. This book makes you wonder can darkness ever be redeemable? Can light cover all sins?

I also love the blend between demonic and witchcraft and the power of that feeling inside that make one feels doomed like something bad will happen now or in the future. I thought this was beautifully shown through Eves’ dreams the plaque her adding to her sorrow.

I highly recommend this audiobook as well as all the books in the Cross series. They are creepy and enchanting to listen to and the characters will stay in your mind long after you’ve finished listening to this book. So why not turn down the lights, light a candle and step into a world full of creepy and supernatural surprises with this book.



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