My Review of Looking For Life (Novelette) by E.M.G Wixley.

My Review of

Looking For Life (Novelette) by E.M.G Wixley.

Looking For Life is a rather interesting and gripping novelette. I couldn’t put this book down until I’d finished it. I find the contrast  between worlds interesting: when the earth dies out, what will another world do to stop it happening again? I think this story explores this possibility in a creepy and somewhat chilling way.  I also like seeing the contrast between Georgina and Susan and the different ways they looked at their mission to seek out if there was life left in the earth.

The story itself follow Susan and Georgina as they search earth for any living humans. This was a purely observing mission. Until Georgina discovers someone she can’t leave behind. How will she keep him a secret? Will he be her worlds downfall? Or will her life be enriched for saving one soul?  You must read this book to find out.

I liked Georgina’s character, she wanted to be a mother very badly and she had that nurture vs nature feel to her. I also felt for her putting her own life on the line to help someone else. At the same time, she does make you ask the question is the good of one mean the good for all?

I think Susan is one of those matter of fact characters. She wants to do what right but end up very much with her heart in the wrong place. I thought the author did a great job of showing how different two friends are, but how they both end up in some ways needing to use each other.

I also liked the land of safety and peace hidden in this book. I thought the descriptions were great. But is peace all it’s meant to be once you’re there? Something for readers to discover throughout the book..  I loved that for a short book, the story and character went through so many chilling and spine-tingling moments and the end was very unexpected but satisfying.

E.M.G Wixley has become one of my favourite authors, especially I love her audible Cross series. This novelette is just as amazing as her other stories and I would recommend it to anyone who loves character-driven stories about strange new worlds, evolving creatures, dark secrets and an ending that you just won’t see coming.


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