My Review Baby It’s Cold Outside by Renee Conoulty

My Review

Baby It’s Cold Outside by Renee Conoulty

Baby It’s Cold Outside is a festive and quirky short story. I really enjoyed listening to this story on Audible in the author’s own voice . The main character Macie is very relatable, and I think she was a strong person ready to find a path within the changes of her life. I also found the Author’s voice nice to listen to.

The story itself is about Macie who works in retail. She has a loving boyfriend who wants a family, kids and a life with her very much in it. However, over Christmas Macie realises her life is not at all what she wanted and she begins to rethink if she is really happy. What will this mean for her love life? Her career? Listen to this book to find out.

I thought Marcie’s partner was a well-defined character. I can understand his need for control over their relationship and his fears of being alone. I also admired Macie’s strength of really reviewing her life and accepting things  might need to change to make her life happier and more fulfilled.

I would recommend this audible book if you like quirky, festive themed story with great characters and a relatable storyline.


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