My Review of The Militia Man’s Lady by Alexie Bolton

My Review of

The Militia Man’s Lady by Alexie Bolton

The Militia Man’s Lady is one of a few books I read in December. I was excited to finish this story. I have to say this book brought me through many emotions, and I thought Helena was a great character. A strong woman with so much on her shoulders. I liked Denman too, you could tell from the beginning that he was a good man with many scars for his troubles. It was clear that when two strong people cross paths there is going to be challenges between them.

The story itself follows Helena as her carriage get raided by bandits on her way home. Denman come to rescue her and helps her get back to her farm. He later finds out her drunk brother is trying to get his sister married to some unpleasant men. But fate has other ideas and after her brother returns, he’s later found murdered on the farm. Now who murdered him is the question that is on everyone’s lips. Was it Denman as he tried to protect a woman he just met but admire? Or one of her loyal workers finally snapped seeing their mistress being treated so badly? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

My favourite character was Helena because at heart she values others. She wants to help everyone around her, even if her life has been plunged into ill-repute in others’ eyes. I also thought the author did a great job at showing how strong and untrusting she had become and her challenges to open or even accept help from others because of past experiences in her life

I also liked Denman, he was at a crossroad in life and let himself get swept up in Helena’s life and troubles. I thought the contrast between his family and hers was also very telling to how they both viewed people and the world differently.

The author also has you at the edge of your seat towards the end wondering just what will become of Helena and Denman when her brother’s debts come calling. There are some dark and unanticipated twists and turns in this novel, that build the tension very well for the reader.

If you love gritty novels with historical feels, great characters and scenes that will both touch and break your heart then this book is for you..

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