Happy New Year Everyone…

Happy New Year Everyone

Well what a year it has been, I got engaged, created some lovely memories with my mum and my boyfriend’s family and really felt the glow of my caring friends. Also felt the fun of two very bright and happy cats running around entertaining me with their cute ways. I think those you love and care for are what make Christmas and all year round so very meaningful and special.

Christmas eve with mum was really lovely, we did face masks, put on matching unicorn slippers and drank reindeer hot Chocolate by the light of the Christmas tree. We both had a lot of fun and created many fun new memories to last the year ahead. Also, the boyfriend and I drank hot chocolate, had a nice Christmas eve tea together, dressed the cats in their fun outfits he sent them and watched a movie together.

My friends also made Christmas special by their thoughtfulness and the lovely time we had catching up over the festive season. You are all beautiful and cared about friends that I feel blessed to have in my life and I do hope the new year brings you all lots of happiness and joy.

Christmas day was lovely too, spent time with mum and had a nice Quorn dinner together and pulled some fun crackers, had an igloo ice-cream cake for afters where you have to pour glitter on it before eating. Looked very festive and tasted too yummy . We exchanged gifts and watched Smokey and Holly go completely insane for their presents. They love treats and toys and Christmas very much… and the boyfriend and I also spent special time together, watching movies and reading our lovely festive emails we write to each other and eating party food.

On 27th it was five years since my lovely boyfriend asked me out. We celebrated our love that day, read the stories and letters we’d wrote for each other and exchanged the little special presents we got for each other, had pizza for tea and watched a nice romantic movie and just had a beautiful time remembering all that makes our relationship special.

Now we look towards the new year and all that 2020 could bring. My new year will start with catching up on the books I started and didn’t get to finish in December because of some family things that came up. So, you’ll all have a few reviews to read on here in January. Also, I have a lot of creative projects to start and  my boyfriend coming over next year too. What are your plans for the new year?

Also, I plan keep up with my lovely friends and family and try to have a less stressful year overall. But mostly I want to invite more happy memories into my life and leave those negative ones behind. So that should be my new year resolution, more good memories and creative days and less stress. What is your new year resolution ?

My wishes to you all, may books, family and happiness be a huge part of your 2020 and wishing you all a healthy and beautiful new year!!


Katrina x


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