Meet Holly Tierney-Bedord, author of Murder at Mistletoe Manor

Meet Holly Tierney-Bedord, author of Murder at Mistletoe Manor

First of all, Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Katrina!

I’m Holly Tierney-Bedord, author of over twenty books in a variety of genres. I write everything from romantic comedies and chick lit to cozy mysteries, domestic thrillers, and women’s fiction. That sounds like a lot of different kinds of stories, but they actually all have quite a bit in common. There’s usually (but not always) a female protagonist, quirky characters, lots of humor, a little romance, some dark twists and turns, and at least one scene you (hopefully) did not see coming. I love to highlight the crazy, ridiculous moments of life. Sometimes I branch out and do something completely different. My novella Dogged by Love, for instance, is told from the point of view of a scrappy little terrier. I’ve been dreaming of writing a book from the point of view of a fifteenth-century rat, but it might require more research than I can commit to.

My cozy mystery Murder at Mistletoe Manor takes place in the fictional town of Windy Pines, Idaho. Who hasn’t dreamed of escaping the daily grind and buying a beautiful, historic inn? Everyone has had the dream, right?

The main character is Klarinda Snow, a woman in her thirties who traded in her corporate lifestyle in favor of what she thought would be an easier life in the mountains. Of course, running an inn is actually a lot of work and can be very expensive, and it doesn’t provide the guaranteed income her former job did. In short, it’s not nearly as easy or relaxing as she’d hoped!

One night in December, the inn inexplicably gets fully booked. This never happens. In fact, one of the guest rooms has had a non-functioning bathroom for months and it hasn’t even mattered because they’re never fully booked. She ought to be excited about all the income this is going to generate, but she has her suspicions about her inn’s sudden popularity. And, as it turns out, with good reason.

What happens next? I guess you’re going to have to read it to find out!

Or, listen to it. Narrator Christopher Lane has done a fabulous job of presenting this story in an old-fashioned storyteller style that fits it perfectly. Lane has narrated books by authors like Daniel Silva and Dean Koontz. I’m so excited that he decided to take on this project for me.

I live in Madison, Wisconsin and I’m currently a full-time writer. Everything inspires me. I rarely have writers’ block. If anything, I have too many ideas. I’ve started writing so many books that I’ll never be able to finish them all, yet I just keep starting more. When I’m not writing, I love to travel, invent salad dressings, watch TV, read, and hike. There are LOTS of ways to keep up with me, including blogs, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Here is my Linktree to all of them:


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