My Review of Rosa by Jeanette Taylor Ford

My Review of

Rosa by Jeanette Taylor Ford

I found Rosa both terrifying and emotional. The bond between Elizabeth and her grandfather spoke of love and how far one would go for those they love to save them from hurt and pain. I thought the author did a great job of keeping me as a reader on my toes. I couldn’t work out if the violence bestrode on Elizabeth with really the spirit of Rosa trying to find peace, or something more human and dark assaulting her in her sleep. Either way this book was very well written and I didn’t expect to have tears in my eyes by the end of the story.

The story itself follows Elizabeth as she leaves her job in the city and moves in with her grandad. However, soon she becomes a curios young lady and asks her grandad about a secret room in his home. This becomes the room where nightmare happens. But is it the ghost of Rosa making Elizabeth shiver at night? Or is there more to the people living around her than she could have ever imagined? You’ll have to read this spooky, gripping and heartbreaking story to find out.

I really like Elizabeth’s character, although not perfect she had a big heart and believed in the power of tree-hugging. Daniel was also a very interesting character and one that I imagined as a creepy all see gates keeper at first, but he grew throughout the story.

I also liked the setting in this book and the visits the characters took to Norwich my hometown.  I recognised some of the places referenced which made this story more realistic for me and rather creepy as I’ve not read many books with Cromer and Norwich location settings and the author did describe them very well.

The end pulls my heart more than I expected from this story and I think other readers will also find the end most unexpected and emotional too.

This is a book with great and mysterious characters, realistic setting and an ending that will not only surprise you but tuck your heartstrings.


3 thoughts on “My Review of Rosa by Jeanette Taylor Ford

  1. Katie, thank you so much for this! It was a surprise to find the link for this on my messenger. (I tend to be a bit suspicious of message requests, as I’m sure we all understand) After a really bad start to today, on the discovery that my computers have been hacked overnight (my fault for leaving it switched on) to read this about my book has really lifted me. I grew up in Cromer and so my heart is half in Norfolk and half in Hereford, where I moved to at 17 with my parents, although I live near Nottingham now. My sister has lived in or around Norwich for many years and so I do sort of know Norwich. I had to write a book set in Norfolk (I suppose I had Blickling Hall in my mind) and I’ve also written a novella set in Cromer. I’m happy you’re on WordPress, which means I can now follow you.

    • Hi Jeanette, It was my pleasure, I really enjoyed this novel because it was very different and emotional towards the end. I did send you the link on messager because I remembered seeing your book in the group and thought why not say how much I enjoyed your book too you. I too don’t often trust strangers messages requests, so I can understand. I’m so sorry to hear that your computer got hacked how stressful. I hope you can fix your PC and don’t lose your files. Cromer is nice I visited as a child, but live in Norwich. I bet Hereford is nice place to be as well. How nice your sister lived in and around Norwich. You did a great job with the setting of your book I thought. Means a lot you’ll follow my blog. I wish you all the best with your future novels. Katie

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