My Review Of Adam’s Cross by E.M.G Wixley

My Review Of

Adam’s Cross by E.M.G Wixley

This is a great first read in the series. Adam’s Cross made me shudder I think the use of Mathew the doll in this book was amazing and very creepy. I also liked that this book has a different narrator from other books in the series because I think his narration made me imagine Adam differently and he brought out Adam’s dark and distressing childhood very well. I also loved getting to know Adam as a child because you see what darkness invaded his life and how this had a knock-on-effect as an adult.

The story itself follows Adam as he watches his parents become hateful and lives in a world of fear. Until Mathew, the doll shows up and tells him about the witches and guides him throughout his childhood. But when Adam grows up he is convinced he caused dark things to happen and fears for his child who has lost a lot in her life too. Did Adam’s soul turn dark and cause deaths of those around him? Does Adam ever discover Mathew’s true intentions before the doll finds his way into his daughter’s life?  You must listen to this book to find out.

I liked Adam’s character because although at times he was dark and believed dark things, he also has a kind soul and wants love and a life without pain, fear, and people dying around or because of him. I think the author did a great job of growing Adam throughout the story so by the end you really feel for him. I also thought the relationship between Adam and his daughter was beautiful to imagine, even if in places she creeps me out. I could see this book as a supernatural horror movie in my mind.

I also thought the author did a great job of showing Adam’s mum as rather possessive and unhinged towards his father. I thought this added to Adam’s growth as when he wrote to her he wanted her to know he was better, was having a life unaffected by her and this showed that he never wanted to be a bad soul, but it also made me as a reader want Adam to fight his demons. I found the end didn’t disappoint and was emotional and creepy all at the same time.

I think readers that love supernatural horror or movies centred around witches, ghosts, and possession will love this book. The characters drive the story and the spooky energy will have you wanting to listen with the lights on.



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