My Review Of Kane’s Cross by E.M.G Wixley

My Review Of

Kane’s Cross by E.M.G Wixley

Kane’s Cross is another amazing audible book in the series. I love how the author has brought her stories to life with amazing sound effects and narrated voices. I loved Kane’s character, he is such a tortured soul from the war and all that played out while he was in the battle. I like how we get to see Kane’s inner heart as he gets to know Poppy who resembles his missing sister. I also loved how this audible has the power to make you jump when certain scenes play out.

The story itself follows Kane suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. While drowning his memories, he meets Poppy who reminds him of his missing sister. Together they begin to uncover the cult of witch-haters, scary dolls and their dark motives towards Kane’s remaining family. Will Kane ever find out what happened to his sister? Will he be able to save his remaining family from the darkness of a cult? You’ll need to listen to this story to find out.

Poppy and the freaky doll were two of my favourite characters. Poppy first seems like a shy strange runaway but she is far from that and within her journey, you get to really feel for her as she is hunted by a darkness that leads the reader to learn about who she really is and she leads Kane on his true journey.

I also think the author does an amazing job with her book setting and the different parts of the lands. I think each journey takes listeners into the strange and wonderful world and sets the tone and mood very effortlessly for me to imagine.

I think anyone that love character-driven stories, spooky happenings and programs like Exorcist or supernatural horrors, will love to listen to this book.


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