My Review of The Heart Won’t Let Go by Laura Rosek

My Review of

The Heart Won’t Let Go by Laura Rosek

The Heart Won’t Let Go, I think should be best read on a dark night curled up with some tissues for those tears. I read this book in one night. I found this book to be less of a romance and more of a story of forever love. I loved the premise that Chantelle believed that Matt was with her even after when he’s not. I think it’s what we all wish for those we love that love will be everlasting and always draw us back to each other. I thought the author handled this quite beautifully within her story.

The story itself follows Chantelle and Matt’s love and life together. However, Matt also has another love Coral, who too has a heart for him. Coral can’t bear to see Chantelle take her man and so she sets about getting her revenge. However, does Carol manage to kill a true bond of love? Or will she be haunted by the memories of her actions for the rest of her life? You must read this book to find out.

Overall I like Chantelle’s character although her action might seem a bit odd to those around her.  Some might say her love in her heart conjured Matt to her and it might be a supernatural force. I’d like to think that it was their everlasting bond. Also, Toby was a sweet character. I thought he was easily likable and I could imagine moments well when he was working the horses and got spooked.

I also thought the author did a very good job with the end of the book, it leaves you feeling emotional, and also Chantelle’s story comes full circle and readers get the sense of completion.

I think readers that like books full of great characters, and tearjerking heartfelt stories with a hint of supernatural would really enjoy this book.


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