My Review of 76 Silver Street by Anna Shenton

My Review of

76 Silver Street by Anna Shenton

76 Silver Street was an interesting read with themes of heartbreak, bravery and some strong characters. I found Rosa’s story emotional and yet in parts you do find you have a love/hate feeling about her. I also thought the author did a great job at depicting the  1900’s and I did love the oldie English speech of her characters as it helps me imagine them.

The story itself follows Rosa after she escapes her past and comes to work at her aunties boarding house. However, when she arrives at the boarding house she finds Jack has let the place go and invited less than respectable guests to take up space in the rundown rooms. Can Rosa bring back the boarding house to its original glory? Or will her past soon find her and pull her back into the dark life she had run from? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

My favourite character was Jack because he was a plain rouge type of man, but over time you get to know even he can change, grow and find a respectable balance in life. I also thought Rosa in some ways went in the opposite direction in the sense that she came across to have a sensible personality, but in the last chapters, I think she let her lust overtake the future she’d just created for herself.

I thought the author did a great job in creating the emotional feel throughout this book. I think some of the sadder secrets unearthed in this book really makes you feel that sadness and likewise the little hopeful moments are felt too.

If you like books that are very character-driven, emotional and fulled with twists that will shock you or leave you muttering ‘no, why did you do that?’ you should give this book a read.


Smokey Also thinks this was a great book he chose for the human to read.

2 thoughts on “My Review of 76 Silver Street by Anna Shenton

  1. What a wonderful surprise from the lovely Katrina, I’m honoured to be featured here on your lovely blog and can’t thank you enough. So pleased you enjoyed 76 Silver Street, and thank you once again, i’m delighted to be up here with all fellow authors too X

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