My Review of Devil’s Cross (Witchfinder Series, Volume 3) by E.M.G Wixley (Narrated by Nigel Peever)

My Review of

Devil’s Cross (Witchfinder Series, Volume 3) by E.M.G Wixley (Narrated by Nigel Peever)

Wow! Devil’s Cross audible book is very immersive for me as a reader. The voices bring the characters alive so well and the sound effects are pretty amazing throughout this story. I loved how listening to some parts of the story made my arms go cold and the unexpected sounds made me jump in places. I think this really added to the horror and fantasy sides of this story. With each chapter, I found myself drawn further and further into the dark and emotional journey of the characters…

The story itself follows Angelica, Max, Charlie, and Kane as they are pulled into a dark demonic world. Each person affected with a dark life path of loss, addiction, and abandonments. Will the devils of the world pull them further into darkness? Or will they be able to fight their own demons and come back to a better life? You need to listen to this audible book to find out.

My favourite character was Max and his cat. The author does a great job of painting an image of an old hypnotist waiting to take  Angelica deep inside her mind where he could have control of her emotions. I found his character fascinating and a bit creepy. I also liked Kane who reminded me of a sort of a shapeshifter with the wolf inside him.

I loved the description of the different parts of the land the characters were in and the cults, tribes and witch covens they belonged to. I think with such rich and imaginative lands it makes each character’s journey into a darker part of their lives believable and it’s easy to be thinking, ‘don’t do that’ ‘don’t believe him’ and ‘are you swapping one bad choice for another?’

I would recommend this audible book to those who like, very character-driven stories with well-described lands and great storytelling. I also think if you watch horror movies like Drag Me To Hell or movies about with cults, devils, and witches. This would be a book that would draw you in the same way. So why not get your copy and get dragged into the dark worlds this book has to offer…



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