My Review Of New York Orphan by Rosemary J. Kind

My Review Of

New York Orphan by Rosemary J. Kind

New York Orphan is one of my favourite audible books of this year. The narrator was nice to listen to. I thought Daniel Flynn, Thomas Reilly, and Molly were interesting characters with emotional stories in this audible book. Daniel Flynn has such a poetic and beautiful voice and the author does a great job at helping the listener to imagine him, lonely, lost and with the voice of an angel. I felt for him deep in my heart as his journey was full of heartbreaks, pain and a little hope from those who touched his life. This book should be read with a warm drink and some tissues to dry your eyes.

The story itself follows Daniel Flynn after he loses his parents and become a street boy with only his voice and singing with him. He’s left in a world he’s never experienced before and despite meeting Thomas who tries to guide him the best he can, he’s left in the open for the horrors in people to change his life forever. Will Daniel find someone kind enough to take care of him? Or will he be used and left in the cold for the rest of his life? Read this very moving book to find out.

I thought the author did a great job of helping the reader picture each character and their struggles. I really did feel listening to this audible book that I was right there with Daniel Flynn and his new friend. I could feel their distress and moments of little joys while listening.

I also loved Molly’s character as you could tell she cared for the ones she loves. Within her own tragedy, she brought someone else joy in their lives, and I think that was a beautiful sentiment that there are some good people in the world.

I loved the end of this book it will bring you to tears and make you smile at the same time. This moving audible book is about characters in search of a better life, about characters full of strength, charm and the will to survive hoping to find the life their families dream about. Don’t miss on this one!


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