My Review of The Darkest Side of The Moon by Tayler Macneill

My Review of

The Darkest Side of The Moon by Tayler Macneill

The Darkest Side of The Moon had me gripped from the first chapter. The story keeps you guessing as to what is truly real for Charlie and her friends. I also thought the author does a great job at mixing the human world with the feel of what else is out there among us.

The story itself follows Charlie who hears voices talking to each other. She talks to Jack about it, who convinced her that she’s not crazy. After Jack starts seeing things among people outside he decides to go on a journey of the City with Charlie and her friends to uncover the truth once and for all. Are they all seeing strange shifts in people that doesn’t exist? Are there other different life forces among the human race? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

My favourite character was Nick. I think he’s witty and has a positive take-charge vibe about him. I also liked Charlie because I think she grew throughout the story and really gave a sense of what was going on in the story

I also loved the descriptions of the animals in this story, they were easy to imagine and sometimes I found myself thinking ‘Awww! How cute!’ I also thought the relationship and love some of the characters had for their pets is something the author describes well, and you can feel how joyful the presence of animals are in their lives.

I think readers who love a bit of soft SI Fi or like movies such as ET or every OA will enjoy this book. I say this because the book touches upon the supernatural or otherworldly happenings within a world that seems normal. I also think if you like books that are character-driven and keeps you guessing until the end, you’ll enjoy this book.


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