My Review Of IDI &The Oracle’s Quest (Born To Be-Book 1) by TN Traynor

My Review Of

IDI &The Oracle’s Quest (Born To Be-Book 1) by TN Traynor

IDI & The Oracle’s Quest is a magical story with many different and wonderful characters. This is the perfect book to read when you have a free day and a long evening. I felt that this book expresses that everyone is special through the character IDI an Orphan living a life where he doesn’t feel loved or understood and doesn’t feel special at all. But life and growth can make all the difference.

The story itself follows Marcus and the band of brothers as they prepare to meet the chosen one. However, Marcus is sent by a magic oracle to help IDI discover he is magical and special and hopes he will help him discover the chosen one. However, will Marcus convince IDI of his hidden powers? Will they go on a journey to find the chosen one? Read this book to find out.

I loved all the magical characters in this book, each one very easy to imagine and very different from others. My favourite was Turtledoff, a dwarf-like creature with a friendly attitude and broken old English speech. He was a very interesting and lovable character.

I enjoyed how the land the characters travelled were just as imaginative as the characters themselves. I thought the author did a great job at showing that both land and person worked together to protected the worlds around them.  Often the thought that no one is alone popped into my head.

I also loved how the author quoted what different names mean. I too enjoy looking up and learning what different names mean and thought this feed nicely into IDI desire for identity. The little images within the book leading your way through some of the story gave the book itself a beautiful quality while reading.

I think people who enjoyed Merlin the TV show or read the book, would enjoy IDI &The Oracle’s Quest as an adult. If you enjoy books that take you on a quest of magic and discovery. Followed by characters that will not only touch your heart. But will also take you under their spell and make you believe in creature you’ve yet to meet. Then you’ll love this book.


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