My Review of 7 Nights and Eight days by Patricia Asedegbega

My Review of

7 Nights and Eight days by Patricia Asedegbega

7 Nights and Eight days is a beautifully written book and feels rather emotional and special to read. I loved how the author set out her four main characters before the story really began as it felt like you really knew each of them and this made it easier to follow their journey. I also thought that this book really does show that no matter what people go through in life there is always a way back to a  healthier path.

The book itself follows Emma, Lorenza, Helen, Esohe and Sean, and a few others as they embark on a pilgrimage of ‘The way of Saint James.’ While on this journey of self-healing and embracing God back into their lives, the group of people meet and began to share their somewhat heartbreaking stories with each other. Will these strangers be able to help each other with the troubles pressing on their hearts? Will all of them find the peace and strength to deal with life back home? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

My favourite character was Esohe because her story touched on a very sad and serious topic that I was not expecting. I also thought she grew a lot throughout the story and her story could easily bring tears to eyes while reading.

I also liked Sean because he was truly at crossroads in his life and I think his kind heart and thought of caring about and for others that needed it the most was emotional because he was still deciding on what role he wanted to achieve that in without being pushed into a role that was not his dream. I think a lot of people can relate to him in this way.

I thought that the people the main characters met along the way made this book even more immersive and I could imagine each one and their journey very well. I think this book speaks of hope for a better you and that no one really walks the world alone.

So, if you like emotional books driven by characters with deep secrets and an inspiring journey to look forward to, then you’ll surely love this book.


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