My Review of Turn Your Happiness on by Norma Nikutowski

My Review of

Turn Your Happiness on by Norma Nikutowski

Turn Your Happiness on is a kind of self-help novel with helpful and practical ways to make you look at what makes you happy. I found this book rather interesting in the sense that it explores expectations that are put on people and the way that us humans want to create happiness for others without always stopping to ask what is making me happy? Is this life path I’m on where I want to be? I think this book is well-intentioned and provides a lot of positive ways of looking at yourself and life, but I also think that like any self-help book some parts will specifically apply to you while others not…

The book itself is about the author’s journey to happiness. She shares where her life was heading. How the path she was on may not have been her road to happiness and that she made changes to create a happier life for herself and those around her. But the book is also a guide to looking at your own happiness and steps to go on a road of happiness yourself. But how do life’s expectations and families expectations sometimes knock us off the path of self-happiness? Can being more confident and decisive really brings happiness into your life? Read this book to find out.

I found the chapter on “Forgiving” very interesting because I do think if we forgive or put aside little things then we would all live happier together. I also thought the woven in stories from the author explained how this book was created and the thoughts behind it. At the end of each chapter, there is a call for action such as write ten goals that you’ve already accomplished or name five positive relationships with family and friends. I can see how those sorts of exercises can help you focus on the more positive things in life and harvesting the love and care you share with others.

The part about “how do we see ourselves?” is very powerful, as the book explores if we label ourselves as kind or mean etc… is that what we become? Or how we act more in our lives? Should we be writing down or telling ourselves more kind things to turn on our happiness? Either way, this book tries to help readers focus on happiness on a day to day basis amidst lives stresses and responsibilities.

I thought throughout the book there was a lot of focus on not letting others make you feel bad, judged or even control what makes you happy because only you know what will make your soul smile. I think in the world of social media, where people compare themselves with others and believe that their happiness is guided by others, this book is a little reminder to be happy with what you have and dream your own dreams.

I tried one of the exercises out of interest while reading this book.

Exercise: Positive things around you. The book encourages you to focus on the people you love, the things you love about yourself and the positive things around you.

So, here is how I see this exercise today. The positive things around me are that my computer is now fixed so I can write. My two cats are sleeping on my bed, their cute purrs and outstretched paws always make me smile. My engagement ring reminds me I am loved by an amazing man and my magic centre with fairies, flowers and magical doors inspire me to write more. The thing I love about myself today is that I feel in a very positive mood. My boyfriend and his family are very special to me and talking to them makes me smile. My mum is a very special lady and although right now she’s unwell her strength inspires me.

So, if you need something to focus on your happiness, start a gratitude journal, read a few positive quotes and stories. This book covers many other ways to nudge you towards happiness.

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2 thoughts on “My Review of Turn Your Happiness on by Norma Nikutowski

  1. Lovely review, Katrina! I enjoyed reading it. This book sounds like a helpful way to gain a new perspective on life. I’ve just ordered a sample to my kindle. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Kendra. I felt this book does give a lot a focus on seeing yourself and life in new more positive ways.
      If you decide to read the book you’ll have to tell me what you thought.
      I hope you have a beautiful day.
      Take care
      Katie x

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