Welcome To The Chaos by R.M. Garino

Welcome To The Chaos by R.M. Garino

Chaos of Souls is an epic military fantasy series about fallen angels, (we call them Lethen’al), and the books are big honking tomes that will hold you for a bit. The Gates of Golorath is the first novel, and it tells of how Angus and Arielle meet, and how their squads of misfit military cadets take their first steps in becoming legends. Angels of Perdition introduces the original incarnations of the Aesari after the fall, the ancient E’ine, and calls the histories the Lethen’al, have been taught into question.

We put out one bicep builder a year. This story is epic in scope and it takes some time to write. So we follow in the footsteps of the old school authors of epic fantasy in this regard. We started a novella series to fill in the gap while you wait for the next main book.

The Lethen’al were once Aesari (angels), but they fell from Heaven’s grace. As punishment for their sins, their souls were fragmented and recast into new, physical bodies. They retain elusive glimpses of who they once were, but the knowledge is jumbled and incomplete. They are hunted by the Apostate, a Lo’ademn (demon) who was tasked to guard the way back to Heaven. He has grown weary of his role and views his charge as an exile. Now, he is intent on destroying the Lethen’al and returning the fragments of their souls to Heaven. The Lethen’al fled the earth thousands of years ago, leaving humanity to fend for itself against the demon hordes of the Lo’ademn.

The main characters: Arielle is a member of the Noble House of Rhen’val, the lords of the Areth’kon, the martial school where all Lethen’al must train. Angus belongs to the Royal Family, and has been raised with the arcane magic and angelic knowledge they possess. It’s the relationship between Angus and Arielle, the pull of one to the other and what that does to those around them, that drives the book. Can they lead their people against the Apostate, and reclaim what they once were? Can they remember why they departed the halls of Heaven? How will that memory change them all?

The Chaos of Souls Novella Series, is set in the same universe and tells side stories that deepen and enrich the main set of novels. Requiem’s Reach tells of the E’ine’s quest to find the forgotten city of Raqui and you witness the birth of the Gates of Golorath. One reader said she got chills reading that section. The Gate of Fang and Thorntells of Logan Fel’Mekrin’s journey through the Sur between books 1 and 2 of the main series.

These novellas are published in between the main books. Just so you know, I take storyrequests. Many readers asked that I tell Logan’s story. They really wanted to know what happened to him during his trial. My wife and I felt that it would be a great addition to this series and would give the reader deeper insight into the workings of his mind.  So we wrote it.

We hope that you lose yourself in the pages of Chaos.

Thanks for reading and we’ll meet you back at The Gates.

R.M. Garino

About me

Howdy now folks. My wife, Dorothy, and I are an independent author/publisher team with two fantasy series under our belts. Although we’re fairly new to the game (our debut novel was published in 2017), we’ve been working on these books for what feels like forever, and have a great time doing so. Early on I started telling her about the world I created in my stories, and by degrees, she fell in love with the place too. We’d discuss the characters, the plotlines and their motivations down to the minutest details. The main characters, Angus and Arielle, blossomed out of our D&D days. We loved the characters so much that we made them a part of the story. Now that we’ve decided to share our tales with the rest of the world nothing has really changed for us in the way that we work. Sure, our conversations now include the phrases, “so in book five,” or “in the next book,” instead of us saying, “at some point,” or “maybe she should.” We develop the plotlines, and the basic shape, I write it, and after Dorothy edits it, we’re back to discussing what the characters are thinking and feeling, and how they should react. We take great pride in what we do, in the accessible writing style we have developed, and our ability to engage the reader, rather than telling them what is happening. To us, the characters drive the story, and our focus is to create an immersive experience for you, the reader.



 The Gates of Golorath linkhttps://www.amazon.com/Gates-Golorath-Chaos-Souls-Book-ebook/dp/B01MYF2PY0

Angels of Perdition link: https://www.amazon.com/Angels-Perdition-Chaos-Souls-Book-ebook/dp/B07L7CJ7WK

Requiem’s Reach linkhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q4LSF2T

The Gate of Fang and Thorn:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W7D6B1X

Social media

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/rmgarino/

Website: https://www.rmgarino.com

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