My Review of Magnolia’s Choice by Anna Del C. Dye

My Review of

Magnolia’s Choice by Anna Del C. Dye

Magnolia’s Choice is a beautifully presented book from the start to the end. I loved the cover of this book and all the little drawings before each chapter they really gave this book a magical glow. I also enjoyed the story of princess Magnolia and Prince Robin as their paths skid together changing their lives forever. I felt this story had a beautiful fairytale quality to it and could tell the author’s imagination shines through her characters and their world. This is also a book you can read within an evening. So if like me you like to read books in one sitting this is perfect.

The story itself follows princess Magnolia’s father as he closes off his kingdom to the outside world. Growing up Princess Magnolia knows little of why her father won’t let her leave the kingdom, the only thing that she knew was her mother died when she was very little. Now princess Magnolia dreams of escape and what is beyond the walls of her home. One night she makes a wish, but will her wish be granted? Will she see the new cities and kingdom beyond her wall? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

I thought the author did a great job of showing that by closing off the kingdom, its inhabitants fail to learn how to deal with the threats beyond its walls. In this case, it was Rotten, a man who spends his time taking over small kingdoms. Prince Robin knows too well the threats and battles to help the smaller kingdoms. I liked his character. I thought he had a young charm about him with a heart for adventure in contrast to his two best friends who would rather stick to the rules of their kingdom.

I also loved the end of the story because I felt princess Magnolia grew throughout the book and not just learned from her father’s well-intentioned mistakes but helped others learn too. If you like fairytale stories with well-defined characters and a magical journey that leads to a great ending, you’ll love this book.


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