My Review of The Newly Released Heart Swings by Renee Conoulty

My Review of

The Newly Released Heart Swings by Renee Conoulty

Heart Swings is Renee’s newest release and another great audible book to wind down to for an hour or so. I really loved the two main characters in this book. I think they made this story magical and romantic, but they were also witty and a bit funny I also liked hearing about different wedding rituals and blessings which this book touches upon.

The story follows Brooke and Ryan as their paths cross at the airport. Brooke is on her way to a friend’s wedding and little does she know that charming Ryan is also going to the same place… Brooke has a lot on her mind as she makes small talk with Ryan about her future and where she wants to be. Will Ryan and Brooke be the next to fall in love? Or will their jobs and the life they love drift their worlds apart? You’ll have to listen to this book to find out.

Ryan was my favorite character; he has a boyish charm to him and always feels as though he is looking for a path in life, but still holding on to his life in the big city. I also loved his banter with Brooke because they are sweet and funny together. But also throughout the book, you find yourself holding your breath hoping by the end they will have opened the window of love for each other.

I also liked the mention of country and swing dancing. I felt this was described really well and I could imagine very clearly everyone trying to swing dance at the wedding and enjoying each other’s company.

I loved the end it leaves you smiling and feeling satisfied. I think anyone who loves a nice romance, with travel and wedding blessings will love this book and all the quirky and wonderful characters in it.


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