Guest Post Heart Swings by Renee Conoulty

Guest Post

Heart Swings by Renee Conoulty

Heart Swings is a story close to my heart (see what I did there?). It was inspired by my own wedding and honeymoon in Thailand.

Just like Todd and Nicola, the supporting couple in Heart Swings, my hubby and I had a Traditional Thai Buddhist wedding in Chiang Mai. We considered getting married in Australia, where we lived, but if we’d done that, we couldn’t have afforded an international holiday. I’d never been overseas and it was something I really wanted to do before I had kids (and having kids was something I really wanted to do as soon as I got married).

Neither of us are Buddhist but we weren’t interested in having a traditional church wedding, so I looked at all our options. I found a local Thai company online who organised destination weddings in Chiang Mai. They also planned weddings for locals, so offered a more authentic experience than the resort weddings near the beach. It was such a stress-free wedding. The entire thing was planned with one phone call and a handful of emails.  The wedding was beautiful and I felt like a princess.

The honeymoon was less pretty. Like Brooke and Ryan, the main couple in Heart Swings, we went trekking through the hill tribes after the wedding. Let’s just say ‘pit toilets’. We upgraded to a private cabin on the last night and I was over-joyed to have running cold water in the roofless shower.

Swing dancing plays a part in many of my stories, including this one. Like Todd and Nicola, my hubby and I met at a swing dance class and did a swing dance for our wedding dance. I choreographed our dance and made hubby practice with me for weeks. I practiced dancing in my low heel wedding shoes but I should have practiced in bare feet. I hadn’t realised the Thai culture of taking off your shoes inside also extended to the reception venue.



Heart Swings by Renee Conoulty

Family duty or following your heart?

Brooke’s drifting along in her small-town life but now it’s time to make a choice. Her family business or a city career?

Ryan has swept in to save his family business in small-town Heart Springs but is counting down the days until he can get back to his real life in the city.

When Brooke and Ryan repeatedly cross paths at a wedding in Thailand, a mutual attraction develops. Will this simply be a holiday fling or could it lead to more?

If you like enemies to lovers and exotic locations, you’ll love Renee Conoulty’s sweet romance novelette.

Buy Heart Swings to send your heart swinging, today.

About the author

Renee Conoulty is an Australian Air Force wife and mother of two. She writes stories of dance, romance, and military life including Heart Swings, Catching Onix and Swinging Through Life.

 If you run into Renee at the shops, make sure you wave to get her attention because she’ll likely be listening to an audiobook or lost in a day dream.

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