My Review of Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman.

My Review of

Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman.

Einstein’s Dreams is a little book with so much wonder. I bought this to read over July while my boyfriend was visiting and I’m really glad I did. The chapters are only a few pages long so it’s very easy to read and put down and each chapter describes a world of time and how people would live. I think as a reader this book opens your mind to the world of possibilities and as a writer inspires your own thoughts on different places. I read this book slowly, but this book could easily be read within a night or long afternoon.

The story itself follows Einstein in his early years talking to his friend Bistro of his work and life. Then the book jumps into the worlds he dreams of, one such world was a world where people repeat the same life cycle, they are born at the same time, live their life the same way and die the same way too and this is repeated in all the lives they live. It reminded me of that feeling we sometimes get that we have done it before and so asks the question: do we really know we have not lived in the same way over and over? Or the world where no one remembers the past and just has a book of life, people just moved forward which to me asked the question when we stop looking at our past and move forward does that mean then we are truly living?

Einstein’s dreams have so many wonderful characters and they do a great job of showing how one choice can lead to a different path. Or even what if you missed the choice and what a different life would be like. I think this book gives you a window into your own thoughts on life and how the world would work with a different way of telling the time of chasing the paths that were destined to be one’s life and now choices can freeze time for some in the happiest moments to the saddest unfulfilled life.

The end of the book was rather thought-provoking and a bit emotional. But this book inspired me and made me want to read more about Einstein’s world and life. So, if you love books that are not too long, have great characters and even better worlds that will open your mind and make you wonder “what if ?” then you’ll love this book.


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