My Review of Catching Onix by Renee Conoulty.

My Review of

Catching Onix by Renee Conoulty.

Catching Onix is a sweet little story that invites readers into the world of Grace and her son Jake. I liked how the author introduces a lot of cute moments between these two characters and show that although Grace’s life has not been simple; she is making the best of it with Jake. I liked the mystery that is placed into this short story, For me, it was just enough to enjoy and want to know the end.

I also liked that this story in some way challenges your thoughts of strangers and whether a man in a car near a children park can be anything less than a predator or is he just someone enjoying the day. I think Grace’s thoughts in those moments are what we all think at times and I found as the story progressed that it has an air of challenging perceptions.

The story itself is about Grace and her son Jake as they go on little adventures to catch Pokémon together. But when Grace sees a strange car parked near the playground she instantly worries, is the person behind the tinted window friend or foe? You’ll have to listen to this short story to find out.

This is a great Audible book for if you only have an hour to unwind and want to lay and listen to a story that is not only cute, a little funny and has a little romance side, but also has you reminiscing about Pokémon.

I also thought the narration of the Catching Onix was really well-spoken and nice to listen to. I would recommend this to anyone who likes short and Quirky stories with well-defined characters.


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