Summer of True Love

Summer of True Love

In July my wonderful boyfriend Kshitij came to stay for a few weeks to spend some of the summer with me. I would love to tell you it was all sunny, but the British weather rained a lot this year, apart from the heatwave that sucked the air out of the house for a few days. However, this July was special and lovely, and every day felt beautiful.

We took my mum out and Kshitij told her he loved me and wanted to marry me and she was happy because she knows how good we are as a couple. Also. later in the month, my mum got us a nice engagement card and we went dancing at a little country dance club, which was nice.  Earlier in May, I told my boyfriend’s parent on the first time we met each other in person and they too were very happy.

On July the 14th, Kshitij and I got engaged. It was a magical moment for both of us. We got rings for each other and planned to go to Hoveton gardens to get engaged together, but my boyfriend never stops surprising me as he got down on one knee before we got engaged. He was so romantic and then we went to the beautiful garden and exchanged rings under one of the love green arches with flower around us and little men statue playing flutes were in places around the garden. It truly was a beautiful day full of true love. After we went and read our engagement letters, we had written to each other that expressed some of the feelings in our hearts. We had chocolate cake and watched a romantic movie and celebrated our love for each other and the special commitment we had just made for a life together…

I love Kshitij so much and he makes me so happy. I think of how we both met through our own novels and how far we have come in the last four years. It makes me very proud that we’ve got such a tight special bond, even though right now we live so far away. But we’ve always had that bond and knew in our hearts we loved each other. We had lots of adventures this month but getting engaged was by far the best moment of the year and a moment in time that neither of us will ever forget.

So what have you been up to this summer? What was your best memory of this year so far?

I hope you’re all well.

Katie xx

6 thoughts on “Summer of True Love

  1. Congratulations to both of you dear! Wishing you guys all the happiness together. Would love to see you here in India. We will have a big ceremony with the whole family here for your engagement.

    • Hi Achala,

      Thank you for such a lovely congratulations, what a beautiful thought. Kshitij has said so many lovely things about you. When Kshitij was in India last year I get to Skype with Ayaaz which was nice. I hope you are well. Katie.

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