The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing Is On Author Shout Cover War This Week (Come and vote)

The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing Is On

Author Shout Cover War This Week (Come and vote)

Hello, my lovely blog readers and fellow authors. I hope you’re all well. This week my latest release The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing is one of a few covers featured in the poll on the Author Shout Cover War. It’s a site that features your book cover for a week with other covers and people vote on the covers until the end of the week. The winner gets some promotional space on their site. If you’ve read my book or like the cover, please pop over to the site everyday this week and vote. I will put the link below for anyone who wishes to check out the site or vote for a cover they like.

I’ve always worked very hard on my books and as an author always love the support of my readers, friend and family. I entered The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing into cover wars because it was a cover made purely on my vision of my story. It was drawn by an artist and then coloured and made just right. This cover always felt to me like it starts telling my story before even opening the book.  I entered because I felt the cover was not just a pretty design but an integral part of my novel and I’m hoping that it shines through this week. So, thank you all who votes this week and best of luck to all the covers in the poll.

Here is a snippet from Chapter 1: The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing.

“Why is there no horses to pull this thing?” I asked.

“Ma’am, we use a different kind of power, ye get to know all about it, I’m sure,” said Quirin.

I looked out of the window at the dry open land, wondering what question to ask next. There were no buildings or people lurking, just dark spaces. The huge lamp shades shed a little light over the yellowing grass and leafless trees. I couldn’t hear any birds chirping either, just the slow breathing of Quirin. I started to wonder if there were people living here? I turned back to Quirin, who had his eyes on me like he was waiting for me to say something.

“Tell me, are we going to find Bill dead?” I asked.

“Ma’am, no, he’s just waitin’, I’m thinkin’ he got himself in trouble. Tomorrow first thing, we’ll go see. Ye must be scared, after all we don’t get many lasses findin’ themselves in that place. I’m guessin’ you have a creature of new beginnings with ye. Or Cole wouldn’t have been a touchin’ ye,” rambled Quirin.

“What do you know about these creatures?” I asked. However, before he answered me the cart came to a stop, throwing me forwards in my seat.

“Ma’am, ye alright?” asked Quirin.

I nodded, too breathless to speak while Quirin climbed out of the cart. I did the same and followed him into the darkness towards a woman curled up on the ground. Quirin bent down and shook his head. He laid a hand on her flushed skin as she began to groan and kick her legs making her colourful dress flap about.

“It’s alright, I’m Dr Quirin, goin’ to take ye to my house, ye’ll be right in no time,” he coaxed and the woman stopped moving. He stood up and pulled out his gun. Was he going to shoot her? I gulped in air as he moved from her and looked up the street and then back towards me. He hooked his gun on his little finger and lifted the woman into his strong arms. He marched back to his cart, flustered and seemingly in a hurry as he laid her across the backseat and he slammed the door. I got back into my seat, followed by Quirin, and he brought the cart to life once more.

“What’s wrong with the woman?” I asked.

Quirin shook his head at me, like he was having a battle with his own mind, as he laid his gun on his lap.

“Ma’am, I’ll not know til we get her back to mine,” he said and stared straight ahead with a worried look on his face.

I looked at the woman; her face was screwed up and her hands clenched at her sides. I heard a sound coming from her and I tried to lean over to her to hear what she was trying to say, but her voice died away and I turned back towards Quirin. However, he didn’t seem as if he had heard her and just then the cart came to a bumpy stop.

Link to Cover Wars Vote Page.

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