My Review of Tethered by Zenia Platten.

My Review of

Tethered by Zenia Platten.

Tethered by Zenia Platten made me shudder and want me to keep reading at the same time. I thought the idea of a magical war with monsters and evil creating what they call their puppets was really interesting and easy to imagine. I also like that the chapters were of a good length to be able to read in the evening and put down reluctantly until I start reading again.

The story itself is about Roberta as she tried to protect her world from evil forces. However, Roberta and her friends are not ready to fight the monster about to come to their land. Amidst the fear and planning of a war full of monsters and mystical beings, Roberta has a personal goal to find the person she loves and discover if he’s still on the side of good or not. Will the war result in the destruction of Roberta’s world and those who fight beside her? Or does the monster not stand a chance in her world? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

One of my favorite characters was Angel. He had a nice energy about him throughout the story and was a very well-rounded character and as a reader I wanted him to survive against the monsters. I thought it was emotional at the end when Roberta was thinking of Angel.

I thought the author did a fantastic job of creating an emotional and magical atmosphere throughout the story and really created a way for readers to feel the emotions of all her characters before and during the war. She also does a great job of keeping readers guessing until the very end.

I loved this book as it had excitement, magic, monster and lots of emotions. I think this made me able to connect to the story very quickly and immerse myself into the story world. I would highly recommend this book particularly if you like stories with magical beings and a war between thoughtful characters and ruthless monsters.

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