For Love. Meeting Kshitij’s Parents

For Love.

Meeting Kshitij’s Parents.

Love is a magical feeling, especially when you find that person who becomes the other side of your heart. My boyfriend Kshitij is just that the other side of my heart, he lights up my day and has made four years of my life the most magical and loving it has ever felt.

On the 4th and 5th of May, I got to meet his beautiful and kind parents Alka and Gautam and his brother Vardhan, who I’d met last year. Meeting Gautam and Alka was lovely; they had come from India to the UK to stay with Vardhan and decided to visit me at my home. I loved getting to know them and how they found their journey to the many places they had visited.

Alka and Gautam made me feel very cared about and spoiled me a lot on their visit. I loved their calming and happy energy as we had tea and cake and Holly, my cat got to know them and enjoyed treats and playing with their travel bag. Gautam also reminded me I told him before their visit I could nearly sing Teri Meri, a Hindi song and I sang it for them, which was nice as I don’t normally sing in front of people.

We went to Wroxham for lunch and to see the swans. Did you know Swans have one mate? They sure do and it’s what makes them magical, just like the relationships around me. At lunch it was lovely to hear how Gautam and Alka met, I could tell just like Kshitij and I, they were soul mates and their love for one another inspired me because they had been together for a long time. Vardhan and Geet’s love story is beautiful too and they are both wonderful people.

Later we bought fudge and we waited out a hail storm while the taxi took ages to come to take us back to mine. My mum really liked getting to know them too and was happy they visited us.  For me thinking back on the Saturday and exchanging gifts, pictures that Roseanna had drawn of Alka, Gautam, Geet and Vardhan, as well as all the chatter, photos we took and hugs, smiles and joyful hours makes me smile. I could never forget the first time we met and how special it will always remain. I also found the visit with Alka and Gautam made me just love my boyfriend more because all of us met as we love him in our own special ways.

On Sunday, we went for lunch at a little Indian restaurant a few blocks away from my home. I liked the Indian music and the food was rather nice too. I enjoyed learning more about my boyfriend when he was younger and sharing thoughts on Indian Gods and myths, which I have been reading up on and Gautam and Alka’s tradition of welcoming me to their family which was rather beautiful of them and the card they wrote to me had such heartwarming words that, I’ll treasure it forever.

I also told them something special which I think made us all happy and it was nice to express how much I love their son and how special he is to me. He is a very talented and kind person who like the flowers in spring grew on my heart. We then took lots of photos together and waited for the taxi to arrive to take us back home, where we all including Holly said our goodbyes for now any way and promised to stay in touch, which I look forward to doing, because I believe no matter how far the distance is in the world if we put in the efforts and stay close at heart, then we are never too far away from each other.

I truly had a beautiful weekend packed with the best kind of memories of meeting three very lovely, kind and joyful people, who welcomed me into their family in such beautiful ways and to me they are a huge part of my family now too, which makes them a part of those I love and care about. I hope we meet again and stay updated on each other’s lives.

It was very emotional for me when they left on Sunday because it went so fast and it felt like I could have turned back the clock and done it all over again. But I am thankful for the weekend and having a little extended family along with my boyfriend to care about and get to know.

I hope everyone has a nice week and enjoys every moment of all kinds of love in your lives.

Katie xxx


4 thoughts on “For Love. Meeting Kshitij’s Parents

  1. What a wonderful experience! I’m so happy for you. I’ve been trying to get in touch with you but I think my email is going to your junk mail. Email me back. I would love to have you review another book, if you’re up to it. Take Care!

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