My Review of Where Would You Fly?: and Other Magical Stories Author Lillian Darnell

My Review of

Where Would You Fly?: and Other Magical Stories Author Lillian Darnell

Where Would You Fly? and Other Magical Stories is a truly unique and magical read. I read this book in one night because the fairies, animal stories and mindfulness advice were so beautiful and provided a deep insight into how one very talented young lady sees the world. Some of the stories are very healing too. I loved how Lillian took animals through emotions and not only expressed how to combat things like shyness but was beautiful enough to validate that those emotions are alright. This book actually made me feel happier after an emotionally stressful week and long after finishing the book a lot of the stories and quotes stay in my mind.

The book itself follows Lillian through her ages of growing up in a magical way. We get to meet her fairies, princesses and learn the lessons of emotions and how to treat others through the many animals and how they relate to people. I loved the stories Love as Chimpanzees and The Last Cookie, well would you share your last cookie? Should you? How do unicorns fly? Could Britney be a princess? Read this book to find out and enjoy the magic of each story.

I also loved the beautiful drawing and photos of Lillian and her family. This really made the book feel even more special. I also think reading about how special Lillian is can only make you feel blessed to be able to see the magic she carries in her mind and heart.

Another one of my favourite stories was Rainbow Love. I loved the character names as well throughout this book, especially Candy Rainbow, Nature fairy and Britney. They were all vivid and easy to imagine when reading their stories…

I  loved the poems and rhymes in this book, especially the snow song, made me wish I had snow right now. And the quotes Lillian wrote herself are so beautiful I will have to put this one on my quote post it wall for when I write. “If you hear the rain tip-tapping, that’s the fairies dancing.” – Lillian Darnell.

Where Would You Fly? and Other Magical Stories help you leave your world at the door and take you into a world that is peaceful, colourful and by the end leaves your heart smiling. I would recommend this book if you want to travel to magical places, learn feel good ways to cope with little parts of us that can bother our souls and sing little rhymes and poems, then this is the book you must read, besides this book would also be nice to read to young children as well.

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