My Review of The Idiot Family on Holiday by A.J. Stairmand. 

My Review of

The Idiot Family on Holiday by A.J. Stairmand.

The Idiot Family on Holiday is a great children’s adventure that even adults can enjoy with their children. Although this is aimed at children between 9 to 11years old, I and my 4-year-old niece read it together. She quite enjoyed the pirates and the Pigger’s characters. I personally think not only was this a great adventure story but also it had themes children and parent could talk about within the story which I think would make learning fun for children.

The story itself follows Jimmelta and her husband Piggers as they try and get their gold handbag yacht into the water and moved by royal demand. Jimmelta sees this as the perfect opportunity to take her children on holiday, but to do that she needs to find them a tutor and the search begins. Will the handbag Yacht get into the water? Will the children’s tutor be more than they can handle? And how much adventure can one handbag Yacht cause? You should read this book to find out.

I thought the characters were funny and likeable. I even liked Jimmelta although sometimes she comes across very self-motivated. But this makes her story arc very strong because we see her grow throughout the adventure, and each new person she meets shapes her in some ways.

I also like Piggers because he clearly loves his wife and would do anything for her. I think he teaches children to give time and patience to family members, even if their dreams are a bit extreme or there are embracing moments, support and love goes a long way.

I also thought chapter size in this book was long enough for the age range and can be read at bedtime in stages. I think this book is very entertaining and would keep children guessing right up until the end.  Reading aloud how pirates speak will make them laugh – It did make my niece Roseanna laugh.

Children love deep adventure books, packed with interesting characters and some little fun lessons along the way. This book also has a great ending any child will be happy with.

Four-year-old Roseanna’s thoughts were: Piggers is a funny name. I like jam and can she get her bag to float like the handbag yacht. Pirate go ahhhh! And she’s glad her family is not an idiot family lol’



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